Finding the Right Swimsuit for Your Body

Shopping is fun all year round, and when the days get hotter you’ll need a new swimsuit that not only shows off your unique fashion style, but also flatters the best features of your summer body.

The secret to finding your best summer look is to find the bikini tops and bottoms that will fit your shape comfortably. Here are three simple steps to keep in mind while looking for your perfect swimsuit.

1. Know your body shape. There are four different body types for women: apple, pear, hour-glass, and rectangle.

Apple: This shape is described as the “inverted triangle”, top heavy with a smaller bottom. Apple shapes have broad shoulders, a large bust, and usually a waist that is significantly wider than the hips.

Pear: In contrast to the Apple shape, women that are classified as having a “pear” shape body type are characterized by having full hips and thighs compared to their smaller shoulder and bust measurements.

Hourglass: A “curvy” figure that has the same width in bust and hips, and has a significantly defined smaller waist.

Rectangle: Also known as a “straight” body shape; the shoulders, waist and hips are proportionally about the same width. Typically, a rectangle shape has a small bust, and no significantly larger features.

Whether you have broad shoulders or a large bust, a defined waist or a full belly, being aware of your angles will let you know what to look for as you shop. Swimwear comes in various shapes and sizes, cuts and styles, and knowing the silhouette of your body will help you make the right decision of which bikini tops and bottoms will best suit you.

2. Pay attention to details. Once you know what your body looks like, you can then choose pieces that will flatter your favorite parts and cover up those areas you don’t feel like showing off.

To emphasize any smaller parts of your body, try using ruffles to strategically create dimension where needed. If you’re a Pear shape that wants to highlight a smaller bust, a ruffled halter bikini top will add volume to the chest. Padded ruffled swimsuit tops will add an extra cup size to your aesthetic. If you have an Apple body shape, find ruffled bottoms to accentuate your hips. Ruffles on both the top and bottoms help define the waist on a rectangle figure. Hourglass body shapes may wear ruffles on both pieces, or on the feature you want to bring out.

Bikini Top with removable inserts and decorative ruffles. (H&M, $4.95) 

For a shape with larger hips and thighs, bikini pants in a solid color paired with an embellished halter bikini top will draw attention above the waist. Look for a 1950s style bathing suit that has a high-waisted bottom that hides the waist and elongates the legs.

Pink High Waist Bikini Pants, also in black. (Topshop, $20.)

Perhaps you don’t feel like exposing too much skin. One-piece bathing suits allow you to have fun in the sun without worrying about showing too much. The solid swimsuit comes in many styles, and there’s no need to spend time mixing and matching.

Shape Swimsuit (H&M, $34.95) 

Women with an Apple body shape can wear one-pieces with a bandeau on the bust for coverage. Pear shapes can wear a halter-top one-piece to expose the shoulders and add dimension to the bust. Hourglass and Straight figures may find it easier to shop for a one-piece sine their top and bottom measurements are around the same size.

Crochet Mix Monokini (Forever 21, $27.80) 

Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to one-piece bathing suits you have the option of showing a little less skin or flaunting more than what’s expected.

3. Choose your own style. The perfect swimsuit shows off your personality and fashion sense. This summer, the most popular trends are tropical prints, cut outs, and crop bikinis.

Tropical – As the temperature heats up this summer, cool tropical prints will make you feel like you’re in paradise! Whether you’re spending summer poolside or at the beach, tropical prints will bring out the spirit of being on vacation.

Ruched Cheeky Bikini in a black and white tropical pineapple print. (Victoria’s Secret, $24.50)

Tropical Print Bikini. (Zara, $19.90)

Cut outs – This summer, bikinis with cut outs are all the rage. With exposed skin between straps and at the waist, cut outs are a fun way to have a sexy summer look while keeping it trendy!

Geo Cutouts Bikini Bottom (Forever 21, $12.80) 

Body Wrap Swim Top in white gold bling (Victoria’s Secret, $39.50) 

Crop bikinis  – Crop tops have made their way onto red carpets, and now they’re one of the hottest summer looks. Crop bikinis are the perfect swimsuits to wear on and off the beach and at pool parties.

Apple Stripe Frill Crop Bikini (Topshop, $64) 

Knotted-Back Flounce Crop Top (Victoria’s Secret, $39.50) 

To find the right swimsuit for your body, know your body shape, know what to look for, and find something that shows off your style.  You should feel confident in your swimwear, and these three simple steps will help you in your search for the one!

Photo credit: Bellanaija 

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