LAFW 2014 Interview: Shekhar Rahate Haute Couture

In celebration of Los Angeles Fashion Week and the LA Fashion Corner event hosted at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood, we caught up with Designer Shekar Rahate to discuss his haute couture line. The Rahate Collection encompasses the beauty and elegance of high-fashion frock by combining a variety of styles and fabrics from form-fitting to free-flowing to multi-patterned. Check out our guest interview conducted by Parris Harris.

1.Tells us about the collection you will be showing during fashion week – fall/winter 2014. 
I’ll be presenting a few designs from this years Oscar’s Collection 2014.

2.What are some of the fashions trends you are excited about right now and will we be seeing signs of that in your collection?
Embroideries are a trend right now, especially in bigger dress and gown sizes. I’ll be having a few dresses with embroideries, beads and crystal work.

3. How long have been designing? 
I’ve been designing for the past 10 years.

 4.What’s are the secrets to creating a hot line?
The secrets include innovation, extreme creativity and comfortable, wearable dresses.

5.What are the price ranges of your clothing? 
Pricing ranges from $1,000 USD onwards.

6.Who are some of your clients, if you don’t mind us asking? 
I have a few celebrity clients of all age groups. I make dresses and gowns, which range from teen to mature women.

7.What from your line does every woman need?
Every woman needs simplicity and elegant gowns.

6.Which celebrities would you like to dress for a living?
I’d like to dress Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong and many more!

7.Who would you rather dress Alice in Wonderland or Snow White?
Snow White.

8.What famous designer would you like to partner up with and create a line?
I’d rather do it myself…or I prefer Elie Saab.

9. How can people contact you ? 
For more information, visit: 

See the collection below!

About the Author

Parris Harris puts the meow in Catwalk. Harris is one of LA’s hottest fashion event producers and creative directors. He has coordinated fashion events and runway shows from Hollywood to L.A. to San Francisco to San Diego to Bakersfield to Florida to Alaska and back to Hollywood again. 

Since 2005, Harris’s list of industry professionals has grown, gathering an army of models, designers, make up artists, hair stylist teams, celebrities, media outlets, managers, agents and stylists. 

As a human fashion machine, Harris is a producer, photographer, runway coach, celebrity stylist, social media marketer, publicist, blogger, fashion brand agent and casting director. Separating himself from the rest, Harris takes the F from Fashion, adds a  P H and turns it into “P.H ashion! Parris Harris is also excited to be working with Haberdashion as the National Director of Fashion Activity, Events and Social Media Affairs.

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