Artist Spotlight: Interview with Fatlip of The Pharcyde

For this week’s Artist Spotlight, we caught up with Fatlip (Derrick Stewart) of The Pharcyde to discuss the Bizarre Tour, his progression in music over the years, his thoughts on fame and success, as well as his upcoming projects.

How’s the Bizarre Tour treating you guys? How long are you guys runnin’?

The BizzareRide tour is goin’ very well. Sold out shows, with a new fan base comin’ to support us and  just havin’ fun with a few old friends. I didn’t expect the Pharcyde would last this long but we in this game forever, it would appear. We plan on doing this tour till the end of 2012. Then, maybe do other music projects as a unit.

I wish all of my favorite groups would do single record tours. Whose idea was it to do the Bizarre Ride?

The idea for BizzareRide live started with J-Swift and Mike Ross tryna come up with ideas to promote a Pharcyde box set release. They rallied old the gang into the Delicious Vinyl offices, we started vibin’ the way we always did and BAM!! – BizzareRide Live was born.

Saw you guys in Malibu and just recently in Eagle Rock. First off, I’m mad that they left Imani off some of the billing for the Eagle Rock Music Festival. That being said, where’s Bootie Brown?

Now, you’re gonna be real mad when I tell you that was not Imani on stage at ERMF… that was the brother K-natural, a replacement for Imani. K-natural was around back in 92′, just a young nigga soakin’ up game from the big homies. His voice made him the perfect stand-in for Imani’s unique vocal stylings. He would actually serve Imani in a rap battle with a quickness because he’s got a style and flow of his own. Shout out to K-natural. As for Booty Brown, the last I heard from him, he was tellin’ people J-Swift didn’t produce “Passin Me By”.. Now, I’m not gonna sit here and call Booty Brown a liar but I will say this….J-Swift produced “Passin Me By”.

The documentary you did with Spike Jonze was yet another reality check about the glories of fame and success. The part where you talk about people seeing you on the bus and buggin’ out was always surreal to me because, I remember back in the day a friend sayin’, “I just saw Fatlip at a bus stop in Los Feliz.” Is this still your everyday? And do you see your success as unsuccessful?

Even with all the money, time, energy and brain cells that I’ve wasted over the years, I could still honestly say that I’ve succeeded in life because I’m doin’ what I love for a living and that makes me happy. In addition to to makin’ myself happy, I’ve made a few people, who admire my art, happy as well so that’s a double win.

The cover art for BizarreRide II The Pharcyde was such an iconic image from my childhood. Who painted that piece and where does the original hang these days?

The artist who painted the BizzareRide album cover goes by the name of Slick and Den. I don’t know who has the original.

Any projects you are looking forward to in the near future? LaBizarre Ride II a Cabin in California?

I’m currently working on new music and I hope to drop by next year sometime, so look out for that please.

Thank you for everything. Hope life is good for you and the rest of The Pharcyde. Any last words to the fans before we end this interview? 

Yes, thank you for supporting the Pharcyde for all these years. When I come back with my new shit, I promise not to let y’all down. One Love.

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