Bringing Sexy Back: 5 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Vixen

Blame it on the holidays, excess cookie eating or excess everything. For many, feeling sexy has been one hard feat to conquer lately. Will mu-mu’s ever be a trend? Until then, re-examine what makes you feel sexy. It only takes a few helpful tips to transform your ‘blah’ look and attitude into a vixen with no-limit confidence.

1.Fierce Heels

No girl can resist the look of four-to-six inch heels. Grab your favorite pair and match them up with a cute outfit. Whether it’s jeans, leggings or a tight dress, heels always make you feel like you can conquer the world and that guy.

2. The Cat Eye

Cleopatra sure knew how to work this look and since the BC era, there’s no wonder this look has never ceased to exist. The cat eye look creates a flirtatious and sexy addition to your style. Play up the Cat Eye with red lips, a Rockabilly hairstyle or neutral lips. If you’re using liquid or pencil liner, remember to set your eyeliner with a powder to ensure it lasts all day long and doesn’t smear.

3. A New ‘do

Rihanna has gone through a number of transformations from long-haired sweetheart to edgy, short-haired rebel to red-haired rockstar vixen. New hair instantly equals new attitude. Book an appointment and go for a style that will depict your newfound sexiness. From chopping a few inches, adding extensions, trying a new color or changing your bangs can help revamp your old look. Trust us, coming out of the salon will be a mood-changing experience.

4. A Splash of Color

You’ve seen red lips everywhere. Get red-carpet ready with daring, bold rouge lips. The look is powerful and seductive, creating a Venus persona within all of us femmes. Lip color trends have swayed from the basic red to burgundy, tangerine and pink. Find a shade that best compliments your skin tone and work it baby, work it!

5. Those Naughty Panties

Well nobody has to know what you’re sporting underneath your clothes, but if YOU know that you are wearing sexy lace or a black thong that makes your rear look amazing, then you go girl. Play up the sexiness that comes from wearing seductive underwear and wear it with pride.

They say confidence comes from within, but sometimes we need a little help to get ourselves into sexy mode. A song, an accessory, a sexy oufit, a polished manicure…the list goes on. Find whatever boosts your sexy factor to high.

What do you do to feel confident and turn your up your sex factor? Let us know in the comments below!

About the Author

Nancy Mora’s exuberance comes from creative writing and bringing stories to life. She indulges in her weekly cravings from salads to chili cheese fries and is an obliging gym rat – minus the bulging muscles. She is always accompanied by her shaggy dog, Lucy.

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