Live Review: Sold Out Empire of the Sun Concert at Club Nokia

Empire of the Sun fans flocked in droves to the sold out Club Nokia venue in Los Angeles last week. Disarray Magazine awarded lucky winners: Shad Hernandez, Stephen Grossman and Ven Velasco with tickets to the sold out show, which was filled with elaborate, theatrical costumes consisting of face makeup, masks, capes, head gear and even guitars that lit up. The stage lighting was synced with every beat creating an awesome light show.

The entire venue was turned into a giant dance party, where fans sang along to popular favorites, including “We Are the People,” “The Thrill” and we even caught Mayer Hawthorne dancing in the crowd to “Walking on a Dream,” a song which he recently covered at the last show we attended at the Music Box in Hollywood.

Check it out below:

For those who never attended to an Empire of the Sun concert, the band definitely knew how to the get the crowd going taking fans on a roller coaster with pop hits and slow songs, which still got the crowd moving. Each song performed made you want to dance and the fans were without a doubt one of the most loyal we’ve seen. They walked around with face paint similar to front man Luke Steele, reminiscent of the cosplay you see at the Anime Expo or Comic-Con.

The show was a full on production, filled with color, sounds and over the top dancers in costume, but that’s the whole point. Empire of the Sun created an over-the-top landscape which engulfed audience members and turned us into instant Empyreans (name for Empire of the Sun fans) at the whim of front man Emperor Steele (Luke Steele). Going forward, we realized that a show like this is something you have to experience and fans will definitely get their money’s worth.

The only thing we’d change about the show was make the performances longer. Yes, we admit we wanted to see more and it felt like the show was a mere teaser. Clearly the fans felt this way too as they hung around the venue although the show ended. If you missed out, remember the show is better experienced in person as video and images don’t even come close.

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Photo Credits: on behalf of Empire of the Sun

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