Live Review: L.A. Spring Fair Monster Truck Show

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Guest Review by Steven Buena 

The Los Angeles Spring Fair at the Irwindale Speedway drew fans of Monster Trucks, fried EVERYTHING, petting zoos and classic fair rides. When I got to the venue around 6p.m. on a Friday, I wondered when and if I would get to my destination as it took nearly two hours to get there from downtown Los Angeles. For those unfamiliar with L.A. commutes, I could have been in San Diego in the same amount of time. When I arrived at the Irwindale Speedway, I was greeted by four monster trucks parked in front of the gates. Upon arrival, I grabbed a program at the front gate and looked for events they had in store for that day.

The fair was equipped with alligator shows, live music, freestyle motorcross and monster I was excited to see all this. In L.A., it’s rare to get that type of combination all in the same venue. There was definitely a lot to do at the fair and there were rides for grown folks as well as for the little ones.

As I walked around, I saw a radio station where K-EARTH 101 gave out free Red Hot sauce at their booth and all attendees had to do was stop by and say hi.

After looking at the program, I headed to the grandstands to catch the monster truck event. There were only four trucks on the track with two jumps, small ones. The event was a scaled down version of larger monster truck competitions. The drivers knew the jumps weren’t going to excite people so they started doing wheelies.

Seeing the huge, violently loud trucks driving on two wheels and seeing sparks come off the back of the truck definitely got the crowd rowdy.

I asked spectator Marvyn Monzon what he thought about it and he replied, “Hearing the power of the engines gave me a hard-on and seeing the trucks do wheelies made me want to salute the American flag.”

When the monster truck event was over, I walked back to where the rides and food were.

One of my favorite places at the fair was the petting zoo, which had goats, midget horses, sheep and deer. This was the perfect place to bring your kids,or animal lovers in general. In addition to the previously mentioned petting zoo, there was also a parrot petting zoo. While interesting, there’s something about petting birds that made for a less appealing experience. It just wasn’t as entertaining as the petting zoo with four legged animals.

As the sun went down, more people arrived. Thelot lit up with orange, blue, red, and purple neon lights. Dance music blasted from a ride called “DISKOTHEK.”

Aside from the rides, a fair wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for the strange yet delicious fair food (deep fried Snickers, huge turkey legs and kettle corn, to name a few).

Lastly, the bar right behind the grandstands, next to the Toyota tent was impressive, especially for a pop up bar. The pop up bar looked pretty classy and drink prices were reasonable. Imagine that, drink prices that cost $5 less than a pack of cigarettes! All in all, the fair was entertaining, offering fun-filled events for just about anybody.

All photos by Steven Buena 

About the Photographer/Author

Shooting a variety of niches, Steven Buena has experience in concert footage,fashion photography, drift competitions, skateboarding photos and more. Covering everything from cars, rockstars and models, Steven is widening his scope and challenging himself everyday.
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  1. You mentioned freestyle motocross in the beginning. I was there that night. We got free VIP tickets as a comp to our overpaid voucher tickets. We didn't even sit at the VIP area and there was only a Monster Truck show. I was disappointed that there was no motocross show and no one said anything about it.
    Probably the only thing cool about the fair was that I got to pet the cute little hedgehog.


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