Live Review: 3rd Annual Redondo Beach Clam Chowder Cook-Off

The Third Annual Clam Chowder Cook-Off at the Redondo Beach Pier was the place to be this past Saturday. For $7, attendees received “Tasting Kits” that included five – 2 ounce clam chowder taste tickets and a ticket to vote for a favorite to win the People’s Choice award. The winners of the event were Alpine Village for Best Clam Chowder, Professional Division/Team Spirit Award and Roy Miyashiro for the Individual Division.

Images Courtesy of: Alpine Village – Winner pictured above
Winner Roy Miyashiro pictured below (Photo credit: Alpine Village)

Proceeds from the event will benefit The Cancer Support Community, a non-profit organization located in the Redondo Beach Pier Plaza that has provided free support services to cancer patients and their families for the past 24 years.

The event, sponsored by the King Harbor Association, Quality Seafood and the Redondo Pier Association, had restaurants in attendance including Alpine Village, Kilkenny’s, Quality Seafood, Tony’s on the Pier, Fat Face Fenner’s Fish Shack and Patrick Molloys, to name a few.

Brian Dragich of Quality Seafood 

CLAMor for More

Quality Seafood
Creamy clam chowder came from Quality Seafood. Paired with bread, the chowder definitely hit the spot.

Alpine Village

Fat Face Fenner’s Fish Shack

Tony’s on the Pier
In addition to handing out tasty samples of clam chowder, Tony’s on the Pier handed out fliers for discounts at their restaurant.

Tony’s on the Pier 

Before giving us a sample of his spicy, delicious recipe, Salome Ponce asked, ” Are you ready to taste the best clam chowder?” (Pictured below).

Salome Ponce whipped up a spicy, delicious chowder!

Among all the vendors, our favorite clam chowder came from Patrick Molloys. Bold flavors made us come back for seconds and as a result, we felt they proudly earned our yellow ticket stub.

Patrick Molloys

We had to go back for more!

The fun-filled event lasted from 1pm – 4pm where festival goers tasted various types of Clam Chowder at a super affordable price. Throughout the event, vendors cheered when they received a yellow ticket, which meant they were voted for best chowder of the day. The event is annual and we recommend checking out the next one. You won’t be disappointed!

For more information about the event, visit:
Quality Seafood
Patrick Molloys
The Alpine Village
Kilkenny’s Irish Pub
Tony’s on the Pier
Fat Face Fenner’s Fish Shack

Photos of the event are also available on Disarray Magazine’s Facebook Fanpage! 

Photos by Markus Alexander & Alpine Village

Were you at this event? Did you have fun? Let us know what you thought in the comments section! 

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