The Vegan Stoner: Putting the Fun Back Into Food

As we all know cooking can be quite intimidating and complex with the often stern culinary world not helping to ease the process. This is where Graham Haynes’ appetizing website comes in handy, with its whimsical graphics and simple recipes (often using less than 6 ingredients). We recently chatted with him about his unique recipe blog: The Vegan Stoner. Yes you heard right, but all bad references aside, this is good stuff, promise!

Photo provided by The Vegan Stoner

1) What were your motives for starting the blog?

We created The Vegan Stoner with hopes of influencing the way recipes are written. We found the standard format of extensive ingredient lists with exact measurements, combined with dense paragraphs of detailed steps, to be somewhat intimidating when trying to cook a quick dinner. So we created short visual ingredient lists and simple directions to encourage improvisation. Basically, the blog was created under the premise that recipes should be templates, almost like an outline, that the viewer uses to spark creativity.

2) What are your overall goals?

Our overall goals are to make veganism accessible to the everyday person, and to show people that they don’t have to give up their guilty pleasures when they become vegan. There are a multitude of ways to approach veganism, and cooking vegan can be fast, cheap, and fun.

3) Who do you most wish to work with?

We would most like to work with publishers to help us with our cookbook. From a design perspective, it might be interesting to collaborate with cooks, restaurants, and vegan brands to help make veganism more accessible and appealing.

4) How did you come up with the funny blog title?

It was a comical way for us to describe recipes made for lazy or busy vegans. We created the aesthetics around the inspiration we gathered from friends and people whom embody the blog’s title.

5) Are you vegan? If so, for how long and why?

One of us has been vegan for around five years based on personal views of environmental, socio-political, and animal rights issues. The other became vegan after eating vegan occasionally, later becoming vegan for health reasons.

6) Which one of your recipes most relates to your personality and why?

I would be the Spaghetti Squash because I like recipes that have very few ingredients and that are a little unusual. Sarah would be the Granola Bowl because she has one every morning, without fail.

7) What is your next big project?

As far as The Vegan Stoner, we are currently working on an online store and a cookbook. As far as our design studio, we are currently creating products for our design store, a public art piece, client work, and renovating the SG studio.

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About the Author

Kania Hayes is a graduate of Pitzer College and enjoys writing so much that she actually wrote a screenplay in one night. She currently works for FlawLes Media and Events and in her spare time delights in meditation, Trance music and shopping.

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