NYX Cosmetics Review: Jumbo Eye Pencils & Lipsticks

Makeup should be like artisanal chocolate. It should look pretty and delicious and feel just as satisfying. However, NYX eye shadow crayons felt more like a botched batch of your crazy Aunt Jane’s “homemade chocolate.”

The packaging seems, well, acceptable. But you kinda know going into it that this is going to end poorly. The color isn’t quite right, the texture just a bit off. So you try it anyway, because you want to please crazy Aunt Jane, wincing all the while.

And so it was when I set out on my mission to create five great holiday looks using each of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil colors. It seemed like such a fun project. Until I examined the products.

Wait, wait, I thought to myself. Sure, red is a holiday color. But cherry-red eye pencil? What is that supposed to be, like vampire chic? Sure, I’ve used the phrase, “My eyes are bleeding,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to look as though they are.

Vampire chic?

It took me a week to work up to giving the colors a shot. Yes, they were that bad. Immediately, I knew my instincts had been right. The colors were weak. The creamy gel-like pencil creased almost immediately upon application, even with primer. It was nearly impossible to blend the colors without losing the integrity. The texture was such that the only viable way for blending was using my fingertips and even then, more color stayed on my fingers than my eyelids.

Not all the colors were as awful as the “Chery” (sic) color. They just really weren’t spectacular either. The “Rust” color was a pretty standard metallic brown, the gold a pretty standard metallic yellow gold. The slate color was actually a pretty rich gray, but it creased quickly and gave way to billowy lines all across the lids. I’m sure maybe it would have helped had I had setting powder on hand. But really, makeup is pretty advanced these days – I much prefer actually buying an eye shadow that stays on by itself rather than having to lock the shit down on my face.

I was still able to get a couple good looks out of the makeup, albeit with a good deal of creativity in some cases. By applying a very, very thin outline of the cherry red eye shadow and highlighting with yellow gold, I was able to create an almost high-fashion eye that popped and would be great for a demure outfit for a night out. I use the word “great” loosely though, as the whole look likely could melt off your face before you even walk out the door. Hey, what you looked like in your mirror before you left the house is really all that matters, right?

The “Oyster” shade was perhaps the most versatile. A translucent, shimmery, lavender-licked silver, this color works great as a highlighter or in the inner corners of eyelids to help make the eyes appear larger.

NYX Cosmetics: Oyster shade

If you’re in the mood for recreating your life story a la John Hughes, the NYX lipstick shades Chakra and That 70s Pink are great. They are fun and flirty, but clearly not made to stay on for long. Just like Pamela Anderson’s clothing.

Really, since NYX makeup is on the less expensive end, if you’re just looking to mix it up and play with colors, there are some fun options. However, if you’re really craving a grand beauty pick-me-up, steer clear. This is the cheap knock-off, not the real thing.


All photos by Jessyca Dewey

About the Author

Jessyca is an L.A.-based editor for Demand Media who moonlights as a freelance writer with a focus on beauty and fashion writing. She has written for Back Stage magazine and Beverly Hills [213] magazine, among other regional publications. Dewey spends her free time reading InStyle, volunteering with the foster kids organization Peace4Kids, making and enjoying great food, and hanging out with her wee dog Webster.
Follow her on Twitter: @jessycadewey

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