Q+A: Interview with Bruno Mascolo of L.A.’s Drive A

Bruno Mascolo , vocalist/guitarist of Los Angeles punk band Drive A, just wrapped up his tour with Bullet for my Valentine, Escape the Fate, and Black Tide. Mascolo said this tour “was a much heavier tour” in comparison to previous runs. We discussed what the band has been up to out on the road and what to expect once their new album drops in 2011.

1. So, what’s on the agenda for Drive A right now?
Bruno: Right now we just finished our tour with Bullet for my Valentine, Escape the Fate, and Black Tide. Now we have some time off and get our album artwork done and make a brand new video for it and get it all ready for release come the New Year.
2. The last two tours you were on were the Bamboozle Roadshow and the HIM Tour. What were those like and did the fans treat you right?
Bruno: Yeah definitely. Those two tours taught us a lot as a band. HIM for one, was a bit difficult. There were some people that liked us and others disliked us. The Bamboozle set was sorta the same ordeal but this tour that we just wrapped up is the one that has given us the best response.
Bruno Mascolo

3. How about this current tour? Today is the last day. How did this tour go for you guys?

Bruno: It was great! The responses were beyond what we expected it was just a lot of fun and all the bands were great and it was a much heavier tour, so they tend to “get us” more.
4. What do you think of punk rock’s newfound international focus?
Bruno: American punk bands nowadays like New Found Glory, I don’t want to hear crap like that but it all depends on when a band is released. Like London has a ton of bands that have been coming out and I love all those bands. It all depends on the country really and what they can dish out.
5. What is the most typical question that you get asked the most during an interview?
Bruno: Probably “What are your upcoming plans?” is asked the most.
6. Let’s talk about your recent record “Loss of Desire”, did it come out exactly how you wanted it to sound?
Bruno: Yeah it got our foot in the door and have been able to tour off it non-stop. When it comes to the new album we have a whole another approach and style that the first album that lead us to this point and time of our musical career.
7. Is there any theme for the new album?
Bruno: We’re working with the name, “The World in Shambles” which is a title for one of the songs on the album.
8. Who writes the songs, how does the writing process for Drive A work?
Bruno: I’m the main song writer but it could be anyone really, everyone puts their suggestions and ideas in and we take it from there. But if it’s somebody else writing the lyrics that’s basically like putting words in my mouth and it doesn’t work that way. It’s always worked where I write the lyrics and get what I want to say out in the open.

9. What about these private listening parties, how have the fans taken to the new material?
Bruno: It’s been great. Our fans are dedicated to us and have befriended us while out on the road. So we wanted to share with them the music that we’ve worked so hard on and know that support will always be there for us.
10. Is there a release date?
Bruno: Not yet but hopefully January.
11. What does the future hold for Drive A?
Bruno: Making a video and working on the album artwork and hit the road.
12. Thanks for doing the interview, is there anything else you’d like to throw out there?
Bruno: That’s it, thank you.

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