Live Review: BluPrint Clothing Fashion Show at the Downtown Standard

The evening could not have felt more like it was plucked out of some Hollywood movie scene… Picture a warm, breezy evening in October, eighteen stories high atop the Rooftop bar at the Downtown Standard Hotel. A DJ creates a beat in the background that sets the tone for the excitement to come. It’s unclear which is more inspiring: the picture perfect skyline or the local hipsters dressed to the nines that came out to see the BluPrint models strut their stuff on the runway.

BluPrint clothing would be the product if an architect and a graffiti artist had a lovechild. The designer Julie Machado uses cyanotypes, which is how architects print their blue prints, and blends it with well known graffiti artists to create a unique concept. Each garment is hand stitched and individually silk-screened thus creating an individual one of a kind piece.

As the models took to the lime light on the runway, the crowd was full of energy in anticipation of the show. That energy rushed out as the models took the center stage and the crowd’s cheers began to drown out the DJ’s cool beats.

Looks included several swimwear pieces, dresses, and men’s dress shirts placed on hip, edgy looking models. And while the looks made a statement, there was still something lacking… Maybe it was the insufficient lighting on the runway or maybe the clothing, with only a few exceptions, was actually missing its signature look for which this designer is known. Either way we would have liked to have seen more bold statements from this talented designer who has produced more inspiring lines in the past.

Our favorite pieces were the men’s dress shirts as they combined a little bit of funk and classiness together for that perfect urban look. We also enjoyed the cut of the swimwear, but again, would have liked to have seen a little more of Machado’s edge and individual look. However, the masses seemed pleased as the show was well received by the crowd. Machado obviously has a lot of supporters and we hope to see more coming from this artistic and creative designer in the near future.

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Jennifer is a hospitality marketing specialist by day and owner of Ajenda Public Relations by night. Having obtained her degree in fashion, while working in the restaurant field, she is a self proclaimed fashion and food junkie. When she isn’t working or sleeping, she enjoys writing about her infatuations with pop culture, style, and local eateries. She can be contacted at

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