L.A. Fashion Week Recap: Project Ethos (Part 2)

Project Ethos is known for showcasing the hottest emerging designers, musicians, models and artists. After the first group of designers debuted their lines, VoxHaul Broadcast performed and then models made their way down the runway wearing designs from Melissa Velia, Marialia, Lamixx, BritBoy Fashions, Jaq Wear and Hard Couture.

After the intermission, runway looks from the Melissa Velia collection reminded us of the 70s with bold prints and headbands. The glam factor was turned up a notch when sequins graced the catwalk.

Check out the notable looks below:

See full Melissa Velia coverage below:


Next, models made their way down the runway wearing Marialia, which featured an array of pink dresses, bathing suits, stripes, grays and nudes. The crowd cheered as soon as the bow bikini hit the catwalk.

See our slide show for full Marialia coverage:

When the Lamixx collection debuted, we saw neutrals in the form of dresses, hoodies, skirts and pants. Our favorite outfits are noted below:

Full Lamixx runway coverage provided below:


Britboy Fashions offered looks for both men and women showcasing body hugging, above the knee dresses and stylish outerwear for men. We also saw menswear in the form of pants, button ups and an outfit that resembled a priest gone rogue.

See outfits from Britboy Fashions below:

Check out the full collection below:


Jaq Wear literally shined down the runway opening with teal and navy blue dresses. We also saw silver pants, gowns, and our favorite notable sequins dress from the collection.

More runway photos featured in the slide show below:


Hardcouture was last to hit the runway. It was amazing to see a 21-year-old designer debut her line at Project Ethos! Kristine Lopez, a college student, showcased Hardcouture, a collection comprised of sexy see-through dresses, black lace tops, plunging necklines and feminine white lace tank tops.

Full runway coverage below:

All photos by Markus Biegel

Luckily, we were able to snap some shots during this portion of the show. The media riser was bombarded with ecstatic fashionistas who jumped up and down during the fashion show, shaking the riser and pissing off many photographers and videographers.

Were you at this event? Which line was your favorite?

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  1. I agree B. Vika was stunning. Bummed I couldn't stay but it was truly great. I do think I loved the more boho line in the first half with the poofy hair.


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