Natural Magic Review: Acu-Pearl Facial

Sometimes the universe has a way of telling you things…Like when a package of Natural Magic Eco-Herbal Skincare showed up on my front doorstep.

As I’m nearing my 30th birthday (gulp) I can look back on my twenties and admit I have not always taken the best care of my skin. My baby face has always made me look younger than I truly am, but recently when I wasn’t carded while purchasing some ‘adult beverages’ I almost had a meltdown in checkout stand number four!

Now it’s not entirely my fault that I haven’t always taken great care of my skin as good products can be costly and I have always budgeted my finances towards more important things—like shoes. So when I ripped open the package and found the Royal Pearl Mask and Pure Pearl Cream I felt like a little girl that has just discovered her mom’s makeup drawer. The first thing I noticed was the pamphlet that reads “Blending the herbal traditions of Chinese Medicine with the knowledge of modern science.” The only holistic thing I’d ever experienced from China to date was chow mein (which does cure hangovers) so I was very intrigued by this product.

Reading a little further into the ingredients, I found that this skin line is eco friendly and free of artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals and many other large words I can’t pronounce or spell. I was a little skeptical at first because how could something that seems so healthy reverse the signs of aging? After all, aren’t most people injecting themselves with Botulism toxins and resorting to harsh chemical peels to diminish fine lines? So me being not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I quickly slathered on the Royal Pearl Mask. It is recommended in the directions to leave it on a minimum of ten minutes or even to leave it on overnight. Since I was making up for 29 years of damage, I chose the latter.

In the past, the masks I’ve used started out like a thick paste and then dried on my skin into a stiff crust. They’ve always left my pores feeling parched like my mouth after a long night in Vegas. However, this mask made by Natural Magic actually felt like it was putting back into my pores what was missing. Rather than the mask drying and cracking, it actually absorbed into my skin and by the morning there were no traces of it. However, I did wash my face just in case your skin can overdose on green tea…

Next I applied the Pure Pearl Cream and my skin was literally radiating as if I had just gotten back from a honeymoon or a Phoenix concert. What I love about both of these products is that my skin has a tendency to be oily and yet, while these hydrated my skin nicely, they didn’t make it feel greasy or look shiny. Another benefit was that my make-up went on very smoothly and stayed in place all day.

If you are like me you have a medicine cabinet (and three drawers) full of products you never use as they don’t show any benefit. However, I feel like these are products that won’t just sit on my shelf, but have earned a spot in my daily regimen. No, they don’t cure cancer, erase my wrinkles entirely, or even taste like chow mein, but they do hydrate and make my skin look and feel younger with a healthy glow. Now the real test will be if I get carded the next time I go to buy alcohol at the market….

For more information, visit:
Natural Magic Eco-Herbal Products

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