Live Review: Rae @ The Viper Room

Dressed like a sexy circus ring leader mixed with a touch of Moulin Rouge, singer-songwriter Rae commanded the Viper Room stage, oozed sex appeal, connected with her audience and delivered an overall energetic performance. There was no speech or banter, Rae jumped right into her set and debuted new songs titled, “Hunt U Down,” “UFO,” and “Need for Speed.” Without a doubt, she played her heart out.

It’s amazing how much an artist can progress in a month. When we first caught Rae’s performance at Les Deux, she seemed a bit shy at first, but warmed up and rocked the mic. Just a month later, it’s like we were watching a brand new artist at the Viper Room. Rae was ten times more confident, her vocals were much stronger and her sex appeal was without a doubt amplified.

As soon as she hit the stage, men in the audience couldn’t keep their eyes off her and women in the crowd danced along to her pop, rock songs.

There’s something entertaining about a singer that uses sex appeal onstage and couples it with upbeat, pop tunes. Unlike typical pop princesses, Rae delivered a rock edge to her performance reminiscent of leading front woman Joan Jett. She also brought a fierceness to the stage, reminding us a bit of Nicole Scherzinger and Tuesdae of Los Angeles rock band Chelsea Girls.

Between songs, the humble singer thanked God and her fans.

Rae opened her show with a new track titled, “Need for Speed.” Rae also debuted another track titled, “U.F.O.” which got the crowd moving.

When she performed, “She’ll Come Around,” she interacted with audience members in the front row. She sang, “Don’t forget she always let’s you down when she comes around.” See for yourself:

With her hair flowing, she belted out lyrics to “Hunt U Down.” This new tune was definitely one you could dance to. In case you missed it, we’ve captured footage for you:

During, “Goodbye,” Iglu and Hartly front man Jarvis Anderson joined Rae on stage.
Rae also performed, “Outta My Way,” a catchy, upbeat tune. She grabbed someone’s camera during her performance.

All photos courtesy of Markus Biegel

Rae is definitely one to watch. In just a month’s time, the buzz around this girl has escalated and she’s developed a loyal following in the Los Angeles area.

Check out Rae’s latest songs below: 

For more information on Rae, visit:
Rae’s Facebook Fan Page

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