Live Review: Unified People Fashion Event @ The Penthouse

Unified People celebrated the launch of their fall 2010 line at the Penthouse in Hollywood Friday night. Hundreds of club-goers danced to hip-hop beats and electro-dance tunes from DJ’s Sweet P, Christian 10, Shanto, Lunacy, AJ Mora and Defcon. Attendees got a sneak peek at Unified People’s hats and t-shirts worn by DJ’s and Unified People supporters.

DJ Lunacy

L to R: DJ Santo and Sweet P

Throughout the night, girls posed in front of the Unified People backdrop in their highest heels wearing stylish dresses. A few timid guys jumped in to take pictures as well.

Downstairs at Highlands, a larger crowd danced to Top 40 songs while awaiting a performance by singer and reality star, Ray J. Due to being double-booked, Ray J canceled his show 20 minutes before he was scheduled to hit the stage, according to Jahi Harris, CEO of Crown Jewel Entertainment. Consequently, Ray J fans were disappointed, but as the night wore on, we could hardly tell as they partied well into the night. Curvaceous go-go dancers gyrated on either side of the venue fueling the energetic vibe throughout the venue.

Overall, the night was well attended and it seemed as though everyone enjoyed themselves. For more information about Unified People, visit:

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