Fashion Foundations: Must-Have Items for Every Girl

Some people have first aid kits or an earthquake preparedness kit for emergencies, but what every girl really should have is a fashion kit in her closet. Trust us when we say this will get you much further in life than some antibiotic cream and a gallon of ‘survival’ water!

Yes, it does seem as though patterns, colors and shapes change more frequently than the judges on American Idol, but there will always a handful of ‘must have’ items for your wardrobe. When chosen correctly, these items will be in style for decades to come and help you in all of life’s little situations… you know, job interview, a weekend getaway, or that first date which always seems to throw you into wardrobe-hysterics!

Starting from the ground up, every smart gal knows it’s not how many shoes you own but how many you actually wear. We like to look at shoes as an investment, rather like buying a home or funding your 401K plan…and honestly, with the recent economy wouldn’t you rather be standing in some great looking shoes than upside down in a mortgage? Here are some suggestions to add to your shoe portfolio that you won’t regret:

Choose a classic black suede style with a 3 inch heel and narrow toe for a flattering look that can be worn with dresses to be a focal point or worn under pants to create that streamlined tailored look.
-Flat Wedges
These are perfect for the office or a blind date. You never know, he may not be as tall as you had dreamed even if he is dreamy. They’re also great for trips as they take up very little room in your suitcase and yet can be worn with any hemline including shorts, skirts and pants.
-Sexy Heels
We said sexy not comfy! Sure, it would be nice if sexy and comfortable existed together, but that’s really not too likely in this universe, is it?! Instead, focus on finding a pair that makes your legs look three inches longer. Making his jaw drop when you step out for that third date will be well worth any momentary painful issues experienced

Moving on to accessories, an area that is sadly so often overlooked. The correct choices here can make the difference between you looking like the intern who pours your coffee or the jet setting CEO you are or soon wish to be!

-A genuine Italian leather handbag
Don’t skimp in this department! You may be tempted as this little item will set you back some, however, it’s another item that will last you dozens of years. Something interchangeable with many looks will justify spending your life savings on this item. A prospective employer is just around the corner who will be judging your resume as well as your taste in handbags.


Jewelry pieces are like men, there are some you want to keep around and those you only intend on using once. While the latter can often be more entertaining and flashy ultimately you will want to commit to a stud—diamond studs that is! If you have already wiped out your budget buying those expensive shoes and purses then get a realistic looking pair of cubic zirconium. Just like a great man they go with every occasion.

Rounding off the list of ‘must haves’ are three items every woman can’t live without.

-The Little Black Dress
It’s a cliché for a REASON! Every savvy girl can’t live without a little black dress. Once you find ‘the one’ that hugs you in all right places you can dress it up or down, but you’ll always know you look like a million dollars.

-The perfect jeans
If you are like most women, you have an entire dresser drawer dedicated to denim, but you only seem to wear one or two pair. We encourage you to donate to your favorite charity all those pairs of jeans you swear you’ll fit into someday and start finding ones that work for your body.
For example ‘skinny jeans’ are called that for a reason! If you don’t like to skip meals and your legs aren’t as long as a giraffe’s then do yourself a favor and skip this trend. Instead find a style that plays up your curvy booty. Then, when you find the perfect pair, buy two!

-Matching lingerie
Every confident woman uses this little secret. Whether you are sporting sweats or a slinky dress you’ll walk with a swagger that will make everyone wonder what is your secret. Of course, one simple tip here is to always stick with buying black so you’ll be sure to match. Then buy a couple of hot matching numbers for that special occasion and/or guy!

Naturally you will want more than just these pieces to round out your closet but treat it like your makeup foundation. Once you have a great base you can use other colors and trends to play up your look!

About the Author

Jennifer is a hospitality marketing specialist by day and owner of Ajenda Public Relations by night. Having obtained her degree in fashion, while working in the restaurant field, she is a self proclaimed fashion and food junkie. When she isn’t working or sleeping, she enjoys writing about her infatuations with pop culture, style, and local eateries. She can be contacted at

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