Interview with Graffiti Beach Founder Melanie Michaud

After attending the successful Bikini Rock Fashion Show at the Music Box recently, we had to speak with Graffiti Beach Founder Melanie Michaud about her company, her pop-up stores and the process for aspiring models and upcoming designers to get involved in her fashion shows.

1. What inspired you to start Graffiti Beach? Can you tell us a little bit about it? When did you start Graffiti Beach?

I launched Graffiti Beach about 6 months ago. However, Graffiti Beach has been a long time in the making! I have been thinking about all of the elements that I have wanted in Graffiti Beach since I was young. At a very early age I remember watching my father who was an emerging musician at the time, trying to break into the industry. Seeing his struggle and my passion for the creative industry inspired me to create a company that supports emerging fashion designers, artists and musicians. Graffiti Beach is a mobile community of up & coming talented creators that can come together and showcase and sell their products to the public market. I handpick each venue that I feel has a great environment for these creators and set up a theme and date to launch a 1 to 3 day event. Typically I will throw an event at a Hotel, Lifestyle Center or an Art Gallery. Each ‘Pop-up’ event has a fashion show, live art, music performances and other creative elements that are emerging in the industry. All vendors create ‘Pop-up’ shops, which are temporary small shops where they can sell their products directly to the public at wholesale prices. Currently we have at least one Pop-up event per month.

2. If a company wants to be involved in your “Pop Up stores,” what do they need to do?
They can email me at and include a link to their website or blog.

3. What do you look for when selecting clothing companies for your Pop Up stores and fashion shows?

First and foremost, positive and ambitious people that love the creative industry and truly believe in what they do. The next most important thing is who myself and my Trend Team think are cutting edge and very talented. We believe that the people that are in Graffiti Beach are what keep our customers coming back for more!

Graffiti Beach Trend Team – I select 1 to 2 college students from each school in Southern California that serve as a Trendsetter and can scout emerging talent. They assist with all of our events, blog and each add a special element to Graffiti Beach.

4. How often do you showcase fashion shows?
At least 1 time per month

5. How much preparation went into the Bikini Rock Show?
The idea for Bikini Rock was something that myself and the Founder of Swoop Magazine had talked about for at least a year. We really started getting all of the details together 4 months out.

6. What are your goals and what lessons have you learned so far? 
My biggest ‘Aha’ moment while launching Graffiti Beach is that your brand truly survives based on the people that stand behind it. It really means everything to have the right people on board!

7. Do you have any advice for beginning entrepreneurs? 
Your brand is only as good as the people you have that stand behind your brand. You can’t do everything so find people that are truly passionate about what they do!

Our next planned events are – July 24th – Summer Sancturary – Pool Party/Pop-up at the Angeleno Hotel in Brentwood 11am to 5pm.

The next day (July 25th) we will be debuting emerging designers on the runway for Venice Summerfest on the Venice Boardwalk. more details are coming soon, check out

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