Shop Wise and Dress Fly: Get the Best Looks for Less

It goes without saying that there are duplicates and replicas of almost every piece of clothing that’s graced the runway. While there are a few designers who might not appreciate that statement, the fact is it’s a huge benefit to budget fashionistas who want to look stylish without shelling out big bucks.
Fashionable Finds

The reigning queen of replicas is without a doubt, Forever 21, offering current styles from accessories like pearls and studs, to sequins and florals as well as seasonal trends and vintage styles from Heritage 1981. It doesn’t hurt that their prices are much more reasonable than many boutiques. Did we mention that they offer men’s clothing too?

H & M is another hot spot to hit when in search of that hard to find look. They tend to showcase the retro side of fashion at a very appealing price. Men who prefer a more sleek metro appearance tend to find themselves lingering in H & M’s isles. And why do you think that is? LOW PRICES. These days, it’s nothing short of common for both men and women to be frugal when shopping. In fact, many budget fashionistas are proving that it’s not the price you paid for the outfit, but the way you wear it.

American Apparel and Urban Outfitters are also two great stores. They reach people on a more assertive level. Preppy but stylish, and yet affordable.

Metro Park touches all kinds of styles. They’re not as price friendly as other stores, but they are reasonable and worth the extra pennies. Their style is very diverse, and it’s that very reason why customers are becoming clients. They not only appeal to many different people, but the prices allow you to return feeling confident about your investment, because at the end of the day, no matter how much you’ve paid, your clothes, shoes and accessories are all an investment.

These stores are a few of many that both men and women can shop at and find decent price and find exactly the look they’re aiming to achieve. Shop wise and dress fly, words to live by.

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