Paparazzi Loving Styles

Remember when we used to look to models and designers for the hottest trends and latest fashion scoop?
Well now the line between model and movie star is blurring. Often times, the paparazzi care more about the label the celebrity is wearing, than who is directing their next film. However, who can blame these talented young actors and actresses or the paparazzi that chase them? After all, these young trendsetters are gorgeous, wealthy, and surrounded by the hippest boutiques on the West Coast. Read on to see who we think are on the radar of emerging Hollywood trendsetters and get inspired by their fashion styles!

Lately, Rachel Bilson’s acting career has hit a plateau, but her role in the fashion world is blossoming. Always one to have a natural, yet edgy style, we love how she pulls together basics and fashion forward accessories for a polished and chic approach to fashion. So it was no accident when the enormously popular and successful Sunglass Hut asked Bilson to be their “Style Director.” Considered an expert on sunglasses, she appears in a Sunglass Hut ad campaign as well as giving advice and tips through the company website’s own blog. If you want to achieve this ‘OC’ girl’s look, snag a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Bilson’s self proclaimed obsession. These frames were launched in the early 1950’s, yet their simple style has made them a fashion icon and a ‘must have’ fashion accessory over 60 years later (available at Neiman Marcus).

Joy Bryant seems to have made a seamless transition from the catwalk to the red carpet as well. This former model turned actress must have taken a few cues from her time spent in the fashion world because she always looks like she just stepped off the runway. One of her best skills is knowing how to balance her look for an appearance that somehow seems effortless to have achieved. For casual events she reveals her natural beauty with feminine floral print dresses and cutesy cardigans. At night she steps out with bold colors, fabrics, and accessories while keeping her hair and makeup simplistic for that perfect poise. To pull off this look, ditch the suitcase sized handbag and switch to a fun and flirty clutch like Urban Expression’s Gold Snakeskin version (available at Kitson).

Adrian Grenier is a fashion icon on and off the camera and is the poster child for a low maintenance sense of style. We love how during the day his wardrobe is laid back; he’s usually sporting worn-in denim, a vintage T-shirt and to complete his look, All-Star Chuck Taylor’s.
Although, when he steps out with his ‘entourage’ he likes to rock the tailored suit and leather loafers. His best accessories are his curly locks and piercing blue eyes, but if you want to look as good as him grab a pair of Hudson Jeans and a Henley by Inhabit (available at Fred Segal).
Penn Badgley is equal parts boyish charm and sexy swagger. His signature article of clothing is a crisp oxford shirt never buttoned all the way, of course! To keep cool, he pairs it with khaki shorts and flip flops or dresses it up with a vest and tie, again, always slightly undone, naturally.
Either way he wears them, we can’t get enough of this eye pleasing trend and you should run, not walk, to get you or your ‘fashion-challenged’ boyfriend some new button down shirts. We suggest dress shirts designed by Arnold Zimberg to emulate this classic look (available at J Ransom).
Use these celebrity fashion icons to give you that sometimes needed inspiration the next time you’re shopping. Who knows, maybe YOU’LL be mistaken by the paparazzi for a young Hollywood trendsetter!

About the Author

Jennifer is a hospitality marketing specialist by day and owner of Ajenda Public Relations by night. Having obtained her degree in fashion, while working in the restaurant field, she is a self proclaimed fashion and food junkie. When she isn’t working or sleeping, she enjoys writing about her infatuations with pop culture, style, and local eateries. She can be contacted at

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