Interview with Project Runway’s Gordana Gehlhausen

We had the opportunity to have a quick Q & A session with Project Runway’s Gordana Gehlhausen (GOGA by Gordana). Check out her brief answers as we caught up with her for L.A. Fashion Week’s Project Ethos.

1. How did you get your start in designing clothing? How old were you?
I started knitting at the age of seven.

2. What inspires you and what makes your styles unique?
 There are many things that inspires me but traveling probably inspires me the most. What makes my fashions unique is that they are fashion forward, unique, and very wearable.

3. How has “Project Runway” helped you?
Project Runway has given me confidence as a designer.

4. Is there anyone you wish to work with?
 John Galliano

5. What’s your ultimate fashion dream?
My ultimate fashion dream is to sell my fashions all over the world.

6. Do you have any advice for designers just starting out?
 The most important thing for any designer is to reach the public. Try to put your clothes in local fashion shows or boutiques to get feedback from your consumers and audience.

7. What would you consider a fashion no-no? (Styles you dislike, outfits/looks you hate?)
Wearing something you don’t feel beautiful in.

8. Do you have advice for men and women who are insecure about their fashion sense?
 Go to a local boutique and have a sales person help you.

9. What’s the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?
Success is the best revenge!

10. Are you working on any projects and where can we expect to see you next?
 I’ll be participating in local events in San Diego. I will be receiving an award for Rising Star at the FGI Style Awards this month and then will start working on my spring 2011 collection for New York fashion week in September!

Goga photos courtesy of Chris Nguyen and A.Carrascoso/The Fashion Patrol

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