Lauren Luke’s My Vintage Glams Palette – Perfect for Travelers

Last year, we created a roundup of our favorite YouTube beauty gurus and on that list was Lauren Luke or as her YouTube subscribers know her, Panacea81. Luke has become an overnight success story holding the UK’s #1 YouTube channel, gaining over 50 million views with over 320,000 subscribers worldwide. Now, she’s launched her own makeup line, “By Lauren Luke.” Her line consists of five full-face palettes, each sold for $37 in 138 Sephora stores. Thanks to the Lauren Luke team, we’ve got our hands on the “My Vintage Glams” palette and we’ll tell you what we think.

At first glance, the palette’s exterior reminds us of Urban Decay’s “Urban Ammo Eye Palette,” except Luke’s palette is larger. Once you open the plastic packaging, consisting of Luke’s Youtube screenshots, you immediately get hints of personal touches from Luke. Inside, there’s a note that reads, “I just want YOU to feel special – Lauren :)” You also get to read her first-person story about her makeup beginnings, her YouTube claim to fame and goals for her makeup line.

Onto the makeup itself, the “My Vintage Glams” palette comes with:

  • A separate lip gloss
  • Two eye shadow primers (Nude Slip Light and Nude Slip Dark)
  • Three eye shadows (Petticoat Pink, Red Wine, and Silver Slippers)
  • Blush (Berry Cream)
  • Cream Eye Liner (Raven Black)
  • Two lip colors (Champagne Kiss and Love Bite)

What we think: For starters, the palette is versatile and perfect for those always on-the-go. Just make sure to bring your makeup brushes as this palette doesn’t come with its own!

The color combinations complement each other nicely so you don’t have to fuss or worry about looking like a clown. Additionally, you can use the palette to create everyday neutral looks or use it for a night on the town.  Since the product comes with its own primers, the eye shadows are long lasting, nicely pigmented for smooth application and are ideal for blending. However, unlike the eye shadows, the lip colors tend to be a bit sheer and don’t last too long.

Overall, the palette is great for those starting to use makeup. It’s also a great gift item. Did we mention it’s not tested on animals?!

What we would have liked to see: It would have been great for a printed tutorial in the package but Lauren Luke makes up for it by offering YouTube tutorials for each of the palettes. As we were going to suggest that Lauren Luke come out with a brush set, we found out that it’s in the works and will be out soon!

See below for Lauren Luke’s palette tutorial:

Aside from the “My Vintage Glams” palette, Lauren Luke also offers:

  • My Smokey Classics
  • My Fierce Violets
  • My Sultry Blues
  • My Luscious Greens

You can find “By Lauren Luke” makeup products at and

Here’s what the palette looks like when used:

The Lauren Luke team provided Disarray Magazine with a few goodies (buttons, eye shadow samples, Panacea81 fliers, etc.) If you’d like one, comment below or RT this article! 

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