DJ Ryan Milano Provides the Soundtrack to Your Life

Ryan Milano has an impressive resume under his belt. He’s been a DJ for 12 years and performed alongside artists Dirty Vegas, Slash of Guns N’ Roses, Black Eyed Peas and Justin Timberlake, to name a few. He’s currently working on video DJ shows and edits. Get to know Ryan Milano a little better through the featured interview below:

Where you have been:
In my 12 years as a professional DJ, I have been blessed enough to play in over five different countries in some major cities such as:  Las Vegas, Vancouver BC, Los Angeles, St. Louis, London, Dublin, Seattle, Cancun, and Anchorage. Each city has its own vibe with celebrity filled pool parties to swanky lounge’s and posh jam packed super clubs. Chances are, I have worked both more than once.

Where you are going:
This year, I plan to seek out talent representation in an attempt to broaden my South Eastern U.S. and Southern European markets. I hope to lock in tour dates for my upcoming CD release. I believe that I have so much left to do, and I mean to get to it. So, with a lot of help and some luck, 2010 could be a blessing for everyone involved in the project.

How did you get started:I have read this question over a thousand times from various DJs, Artists, and Performers -each one with their own perspective of where and when it all made sense for them. To be honest, for me it’s all about the music. I enjoy the warm analog sound of percussion and soul, polished off with each legend’s personal touch. Music is the only thing in my life that can change my mood with the flip of a dial. If your eyes are your movie camera, recording your life in real time, then your ears must be the microphone. As a DJ, I enjoy providing the soundtrack to your life.

What is the most outlandish thing you have seen at a club:
Most working DJs could tell you amazing and unbelievable sights – if we could all remember them. [Laughs]. So, instead of singling out one various memory, I would rather pose a warning to you future fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, significant others and grandparents -at any given time, no matter the city or place. Anything is possible. We all are our own worst enemies.

What you would never spin: Five years ago, I would have said everything except hip-hop, but as I grow further into my profession, I learn that all genres have great qualities. It is really up to us, the DJs, to manipulate the best parts of each -making my set into a musical roller coaster full of eras of hits and underground goodies. No matter if it is boot-legged or a custom remix you should never say you do not play one thing. Though, I would be dishonest if I didn’t say as a DJ that 50 percent of the time, I do not listen to what I play in my own ride.

Dumb questions people ask:
“Will you play that one song”? Seriously wish I had ESP sometimes. Also,”Hey can I get on the tables for a bit”, NO!! But the worst is, “Hey can you sell me some drugs”? Idiots, not all DJ’s do drugs, because I have never. Also why would you ask the DJ that anyways? Everyone knows you ask the bottle host or promoter. [Laughs].

Your favorite DJ:
There are a few people I enjoy listening to from time to time, but for the sake of making my friends’ egos any bigger, I will not call them out by name. [Laughs].

Best job ever:
So far, it has to be being apart of the grand opening year at MGM Grand’s Wet Republic Ultra Pool in Las Vegas. Working with Angel Music Group and MGM’s staff was a great way to educate myself further with event promotions and nightlife networking. Not to mention being apart of the resident DJ staff along with countless performers such as Ludacris, P. Diddy and Kaskade.

Where you will be in 10 years:
In 10 years, I hope to be happily rich. Honestly, everything I work for is to support my crack and hooker habit. [Laughs]. I also pray to have traveled and done all the shows possible, cause lord knows I’m not going to be able to do this forever. But hey, I guess I can sleep when I’m dead right?

3 Words that describe you:
1) Fluent
2) Symmetry
3) Insistent

What people would never know about you:
I secretly went to the academy and became an undercover DEA agent so I could falsely accuse all these other DJs of being smugglers and dealers in hopes to secure their gigs from them. Or maybe Rolling Stones Magazine wrote that I was the, “Song Bird,” of my generation and handed me a trophy with my name engraved on it – that I hung in my bathroom above my diamond plated thrown.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you would be:
I would be the next contestant on Ninja Warrior in hopes to land my own show, which I would promptly name, “Americans Will Watch Anything,” for which I will cast Ryan Seacrest and Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump. My first episode would be 30 minutes of Snookie from MTV’s Jersey Shore trying to taste the difference between Jiffy and Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Or maybe just a close up of her eating a whole jar of pickles with the song “Afternoon Delight” playing on repeat.

What you do for fun:
If this interview isn’t enough fun as is. [Laughs]. I enjoy close friends, family, and everyday adventures. Bit of advice to you the person reading this. Not all DJs are the same. Some of us take our work seriously. So next time you make your way to a club, event, or a pool, please know that we enjoy making your experience memorable for you.

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(Photos by Michelle Pearl Gee)

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