The Chelsea Girls Deliver a Star-Studded Performance at the Roxy Theater

The Chelsea Girls headlined a show at the Roxy Theater on Saturday consisting of an all girl line up, hosted by Carmen Electra. There were a few celebs in attendance including Riki Rachtman, Daisy De La Hoya (Daisy of Love), Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro and former drummer of Guns n’ Roses, The Cult and Velvet Revolver, Matt Sorum. There were also go-go dancers wearing nothing but bikinis and ski masks.

The show opened up with stand up comedy. Four female comedians took the stage before the bands and every comedian performed five jokes each.

After the comedians’ set, the “Darling Stilettos” went on and delivered a performance reminiscent of a Pussycat Dolls show.

Finally, it was time for the main act. The Chelsea Girls took the stage, the curtains went up and fog machines were set on blast covering the stage in heavy fog. Playing the best songs they never wrote, the band performed Danzig’s “Mother”, Motley Crue’s “Live Wire”, Quiet Riot’s “Metal health” and Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” to name a few.

Highlights of the night included Daisy De La Hoya joining the band onstage to perform a Pat Benatar song titled, “Heartbreaker.” Other highlights include former Red Hot Chili Peppers member Dave Navarro joining in on the set playing alongside the Chelsea Girls. Finally, former drummer for Guns n Roses Matt Sorum joined in on the set and took over drums for the last song closing the set.

Here are some shots of Dave Navarro performing with the Chelsea Girls:

Overall, the Chelsea Girls definitely delivered an entertaining performance filled with hot chicks, swords, masks, capes and an all-star lineup. See below for complete footage from the show.

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All photos courtesy of Steven Buena for Disarray Magazine.

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Shooting a variety of niches, Steven Buena has experience in concert footage, modeling shots, photography, drift competitions, skateboarding photos and more. Covering everything from cars, rockstars and models, Steven is widening his scope and challenging himself everyday.

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