Club Nokia Gets Rocked by After Midnight Project, Billy Boy on Poison, JET and Papa Roach

Broken homes, loneliness, blood, sweat, and tears were all themes tossed around inside Club Nokia as the After Midnight Project, Billy Boy on Poison, JET and Papa Roach graced the stage Monday night. What was contained inside was beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.
Once inside, each act became more highly entertaining than the last, with the exception of Billy Boy on Poison. The opening act After Midnight Project brought down the house with their 20 minute stand-off of nothing but jumping, shouting, and getting the crowd pumped for the rest of what would soon be coming to them.
After Midnight Project onstage

Next up sad but desperate act Billy Boy on Poison did a brief sound check and then rocked a total of four songs and the crowd was gladly falling asleep on this band’s set. When the band hit the last song of their shortened set, vocalist Davis Leduke and a concert-goer had a brawl out as the audience member shouted “Shut the F**K up!” Davis responded “Shut the F**K up? That’s a new one.” While the audience member replied back in retaliation “Get the F**K off the stage!” Davis answered “Alright give us 2 seconds!” The band then wrapped up with their last song and the entire crowd of on-lookers booed until every one of them walked off the stage.

Jet onstage
Next on the list was modern rock n’ rollers JET, who accompanied their set-up with a 30-minute mixture of the old and the new, which got the crowd really energized for the headliners Papa Roach. JET’s set comprised of “Get Born,” “Money Mouth”, “17”, “She’s a Genius”, and “Black Hearts (On Fire)” in conclusion playing roughly a total of 13 songs or so.
Papa Roach onstage
As the clock struck 10pm, the time was on the horizon the ultimate breaking point of the entire night. Papa Roach erupted onstage with full force bringing along with them 17-songs consisting of pride, power and emotional circumstances that cannot be explained but through the powerful method of the pit! The first round of tunes had the crowd jumping up and down method while the ending portion of the show consisted of nothing but pure fast energy running in and out of the mosh pit. Front man Jacoby Shaddix responded with various remarks “You like that s**t huh?” down to the last saying of the night “You guys want more? This is the one that started it all.” The band surely but gladly wrapped their performance altogether with “Last Resort,” “Lifeline,” “Hollywood Whore,” “Broken Home,” “Scars,” “I Almost Told You That I Love You,” and then some.
All in all, it was night blasted with nothing but high ranking energy, which kept pulsing long into the night.
We caught up with After Midnight Project for an interview. Check out the footage below:
For a complete transcript of the interview, read below:
The entire act of After Midnight Project spoke to me while on their recent spot in Los Angeles to talk about the band’s creation, current album release and what to expect from them from the remainder of this year and holiday activities.
1. Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in the band?
Spencer: Hi I’m Spencer I play guitar in the band.
Christian: Hi I’m Christian I also play guitar in the band.
Jason: I’m Jason I sing.
Danny: Hi I’m Danny I play drums.
TJ: And I’m TJ I play bass.
2. How did you come up with the band name?
Spencer: Jason actually came up with the name many moons ago.
Jason: Many moons ago it was the name of my hard drive I had titled it After Midnight Project because I would always be up late at night after midnight recording. So I liked it so I made it the band name.
3. What can be said that hasn’t been said about “Let’s Get Something to Break”?
Christian: That it’s sold 3 million records?
Spencer: But it will be soon!
Jason: We put our hearts and souls into making it spent a lot of time writing the songs and we’re very happy with it. So whoever’s listening to this hope you buy it or if not download it come out to our shows and rock out.
Band: Yeah.
4. How is the current tour going, getting along with everybody?
Band: Yeah it’s going great.
Jason: We’re really close friends with the guys of Papa Roach, so each night it becomes a lot easier to talk to them not be able to feel awkward like “Hey man I was in the opening band “as you see Jacoby covered in sweat.
5. What about the upcoming holiday season, what do you hope to find under your Christmas trees and what about Thanksgiving?
Spencer: I actually want a portable hair dryer and a inbox portable recorder so I know what I’m doing.
Christian: I want a John Mayor Christmas record I don’t know if he has one out though.
Jason: my mom goes and asks me “Hey Chris tell me what you want anything you want on your Christmas list”. I just want some new jeans and some kick-ass shoes.
As for Thanksgiving I get to fly back and be with my family. I don’t know what else world peace?
Danny: Oh we’re going down the line, my turn uh I want to be able to capture what I’m doing more so I want one of those flip video cameras. I will also be seeing my family on Thanksgiving.
Jason: Actually Will from Aiden stole my soul while out on Warped Tour.
Me: Did you have fun with that?
Jason: It was an interesting night actually I was walking down the alley and saw Will and he was like “Jason come and join the underworld”.
Jason: I came back to the bus and I was covered in sweat and I was just like “Oh man I just saw Will”.
Band: A couple of days later we noticed that you were not the same anymore.
TJ: Well seeing I’m Jewish….
Christian: Really no way?!?
TJ: I don’t know a green card?
Band: Bursts Out Laughing.
Danny: TJ is illegal. (Laughs)
Christian (Grabs recorder and pretends to break it – watch video) – “Take Two!”
Danny: What do you want for Christmas?
Me: I want a new video camera the audio this one isn’t so great.
Band: Why don’t you get a flip video camera?
Me: I read the reviews on that I heard it wasn’t that great.
Band: Oh nooooo BOOOOOOOOOO!
5. What songs can we expect from you guys from tonight’s set list?
Band: Tonight?
Jason: You’re going to hear “Take Me Home”, “Criminal”, “Scream for You”, “Gone Too Long”, and others.
6. Any last words?
TJ: Don’t shoot!
Band: AAAAAAA (Laughs)
Christian: We’ll be on a lot of radio festivals in December and thanks a lot for having us.

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  1. Well I was at this show, and walked out the door with a completely different experience from you clearly. Every band was god awful, except Billy Boy on Poison was a bright spot in the evening. Grow up, Jet and Papa Roach were cool about 9 years ago and for only about as long as it takes to play each of their shit one hit wonders see that girl and cut my life into pieces.
    You are an idiot,


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