Coffeehouses in the South Bay

These days, coffeehouses are few and far between. Fortunately the South Bay cities offer just a few independent coffeehouses that provide local flair and flavor. These unique coffee shops each offer something different to bring to the table. Four coffeehouses were reviewed over the last month and this is how they stacked up.

Don’t Sip and Run at Redondo Beach’s Catalina Coffee Company

Located in Redondo Beach just moments away from the surf and sand, this coffeehouse offers ample space on the inside and out for studying, working, or just to relax. It is perfect for those who like fresh coffee as the staff produces its own coffee right on site. The pastries and sandwiches are worth trying. This coffeehouse is best suited for those who love to read as it has its own honor code library. It is also well suited for large study groups and meetings as its floor is furnished with many oversized armchairs and couches. A wonderful place for those who enjoy live performances and poetry, scheduled often. The staff is knowledgeable and efficient and delivers your order.

Grab and Go at Java Man in Hermosa Beach, CA

Located in Hermosa Beach on Pier Ave, this small coffee house is best suited for those taking a stroll with their pet as they offer one dog biscuit per party. It is also a good place to get dessert as fresh desserts are delivered daily from their sister restaurant, the Ocean Diner. The breakfast burritos are worth checking out. The lunch sandwiches along with the lattes were not too flavorful, just average. Its small dining area and busy location is not suited for large study groups but rather for those that would just like to relax with the morning paper. The staff is quick but not too personable. Note that the order must be picked up at the counter. Its small patio is perfect for those who like to relax under the sun with their friends or pet.

The Healthy Bean, for the Green Lifestyle

The Healthy Bean in Torrance is a great coffeehouse for those with sensitive stomachs as their coffees are lower in acid. Health conscious coffee drinkers will be delighted to know that this establishment serves many items low in calories and fat even some vegan and vegetarian options. Give the premade burritos and sandwiches along with salads and soup a try. There is also a frequent buyer card available offering a free beverage after the tenth purchase. The coffee is prepared well and the staff is pleasant and will deliver your order. Due to its location on the busy intersection of Hawthorne and Lomita, it is not suited for those who need silence in order to work. However if working in a loud environment is tolerable, be sure to bring your laptop as they offer free WiFi.

The Blue Butterfly Coffee Co El Segundo, CA

Blue Butterfly Coffee is on Main Street in El Segundo. This eatery offers an extensive food menu featuring crepes, bagel sandwiches, wraps and paninis. They brew their own coffee and they also have a wide selection of coffee beverages at slightly more affordable prices than the more well known coffeehouses. The staff is knowledgeable and is friendly to the newcomers as well as the locals alike. Note that the order must be picked up. Blue Butterfly has a small dining area, best suited for small groups. Its prime location is perfect for those who would like to grab their coffee and take a stroll around quaint downtown El Segundo. Its two patios are perfect for relaxing and watching the planes takeoff from nearby LAX.

About the Author
Bianca is a Florida State University graduate with a strong passion for writing and a love of food. She hopes to be a successful food critic one day.

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