Cyanides at the Airliner

The band Cyanides consist of Frances Allen(singer) and Kevin Polzer(keys) who put on a very interesting show at the Airliner in Los Angeles, CA.
They started by playing these really rhythmic tracks with echoes and beats that would be heard at a dance club but mixed together with this avant garde edge.
One thing that stood out of this band was the singer. She had good command over her voice and a pretty big range from lows to some really high highs. Her voice was there without falter. The band’s producer/experimentalist would be the keys; while they were playing, he was mixing sounds on his laptop during the set to create really weird textures. While creating these textures he would add effects to the vocals that would create these harmonies within itself, really weird stuff.
While the band was musically entertaining but with only two members in the band, their stage presence was lacking at times -visually they needed to make more of an impact.
But even with a need for more stage presence the band was a good listen. Being a band with psychedelic trippy sounds, droning notes and with a good singer, it was a good way for one to pass time and enjoy a few beers.
They have an EP out called “Sedinayc.”
After the gig we were able to catch up with the duo.
Disarray Mag: Where are you guys based from?
Cyanides: We are a local Los Angeles based band.
Disarray Mag: How long have you been playing together for?
Cyanides: We have been playing out for 6 months but have been collaborating musically for almost a year.

Disarray Mag: Do you guys have an album out?
Cyanides: Yeah, we have and EP out its “Sedinayc” its Cyanides backwards.

Disarray Mag: What are your influences?
Kevin: I’m into Gareth Clark, and Animal Collective
Frances: I listen to Joy Division, The Cure, and Railcars.

Disarray Mag: Do you have any crazy road stories?
Cyanides: Well we went to Vegas and there was this bum who tried to buy our EP with a soda can bong – he was awesome.
Disarray Mag: Do you have anything to say to your fans?
Cyanides: Yeah where the hell are you? Come out to shows and download our EP *laughs*
Oh yeah we should thank “Heart On” at the Airliner they’re cool for running it every Sunday.
For more info on this band check them out

About the Author
Eric Mora is a Los Angeles based Film Composer/guitarist and specializes in music. He hopes to one day become a powerhouse of film scoring. Always up for something new he is always looking to see what new sounds are out there. To contact Eric you can email him at

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