We’re Good to Go with Dave Lombardo: Slayer Interview

Drummer Dave Lombardo, best known for his work with thrash metallers Slayer, took time out of his schedule of interview arrangements to talk to me during our phone conversation about his oddest fan experience, upcoming plans and the latest buzz on the band’s newest release.
1. What can be said that hasn’t been said about World Painted Blood?
Dave: What can be said that has been said about the new album? Ya know just about everything, maybe only 98-99% of it is really good while the other 1- 2% has your occasional has the points on what our whole goal was when making this album.
2. Have any remaining plans for this year leading into next year?
Dave: Just constant touring, get out there and play for the kids and have a good time.
3. Will we be seeing another chapter in the Unholy Alliance Tour – I saw you guys for my first time on the first round in 2006.
Dave: I’m sure there will be, those doors have never been closed but absolutely look forward to that when it arises.
4. Do you get ever tired or annoyed by Journalists?
Dave: *Laughs* Yes I do, but I’ve had my share of moments.
5. What would you like a listener to remember the most after hearing “World Painted Blood” all the way through for the first time?
Dave: The drums of course.
6. Come 2011 you’ll have been a band for about 30 years, how does that make you feel, plan to celebrate in anyway?
Dave: No actually – no I’m not one to celebrate those types of things when they come around. Our management keeps track of those types of things, not me.
7. If you had to run into yourself as a child and tell yourself what you’re in store for what would you say?
Dave: My Ex-Wife she is insane.
8. What has been one fan encounter that you will never forget?
Dave: This one fan got his foot bit off by a shark. That was the oddest experience; I of course signed his foot.
9. How did the signing go in Hollywood?
Dave: It was great.
10. Anything else you’d like to add?
Dave: Nope pretty much got it all covered.
For our review of World Painted Blood, check out: Slayer’s World Painted Blood: Fit for Speed Junkies and Mellow Downers

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Natalie Perez has been a Music/Entertainment Journalist for 7 years now having first started out with her middle and high school newspapers. She now writes for a handful of various online and print publications.

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