The Healthy Bean, for the Green Lifestyle

Located in a small strip mall on the busy intersection of Lomita and Hawthorne is the Healthy Bean. Upon entering the coffeehouse, one notices the high ceilings, several arm chairs, small dining tables, and a bar area complete with small lamps and outlets, perfect for study or working on a laptop. Soft music was playing and the dining area was kept very clean. Merchandise such as mugs and coffee presses were displayed on several shelves.

In addition, whole bean and ground coffee were available for purchase. A large cooler was to the right of the order station, packed with ready to eat sandwiches, salads, breakfast burritos, and many juices and teas to choose from. The sandwich wraps were vegan and the burritos were 60% organic and vegetarian. Also ready to eat were baked goods, and organic, low fat and gluten free soup was available as well. The menu consisted of fair trade, organic, low acid brewed coffee which was composed of antioxidants such as blueberry, green tea, and pomegranate. Also available were cappuccinos, lattes, blended coffee, iced coffee, organic teas, smoothies, and yogurt parfaits. The average price for beverages ranged from $3.50 for a small to $4.95 for a large.

The cashier was very pleasant while taking the order. He explained that they have a card program in which you get a free drink of your choice after the tenth stamp on the card is punched. He also asked for the milk preference for the drink as well as offering to heat up the ready-made sandwich.

The drink was ready shortly after ordering. The white chocolate mocha ($3.95) was creamy with a nice layer of foam at the top. The milk was a little too hot thus making it longer to finish the drink. A few moments later, the barista delivered the warm breakfast burrito, complete with utensils and a napkin to the table. The burrito ($4.95) consisted of tomatoes, cheese, and potatoes inside a tortilla. The tortilla was warm and chewy, the potatoes were tender and the cheese complemented the burrito well with its subtle taste. The tomatoes were a little tart although not too overwhelmingly so. Overall the burrito was very good despite being a healthy kind.

The staff spoke quietly behind the counter and entered the back room as not to disturb the guests. They were also seen cleaning the dining area as well as restocking the cooler. The condiment station, as well as the two trash cans was kept tidy.

The Healthy Bean is perfect for those that would like healthy meal choices, and organic coffee. It is also perfect for those with sensitive stomachs since the coffee is low acid. The small tables, seating up to four are ideal for small group study; however, please note that the establishment is located on an intersection that is busy for the majority of the day. Healthy Bean offers free WiFi for those who like to have a cup while working. Catering is available upon request; advance notice is needed.

The Healthy Bean is located at 23211 Hawthorne Blvd #1 Torrance, CA 90505. It shares a parking lot with other food & retail businesses in the strip mall.

About the Author
Bianca is a Florida State University graduate with a strong passion for writing and a love of food. She hopes to be a successful food critic one day.

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