Grab and Go at Java Man in Hermosa Beach, CA

Java Man, the 2008 winner of the Best of the Best coffeehouse in Hermosa Beach is a small shop that was converted from a home built in the 1920s. It is only one of a few independently owned coffeehouses in Hermosa Beach, CA. It has a quaint atmosphere that is rare to find in today’s world. There is hardly any remodeling done to the interior of the eatery, keeping its charm.

Traditional café tables and chairs are available with a few couches scattered through the dining area. The room is full of windows letting the beach sun in. The color scheme is bright, to reflect the sun. The aura was vibrant and quick paced. No music was playing so the employees’ banter could be heard clearly. The walls are decorated with paintings from local artists. The coffeehouse is dog friendly with a jar of dog biscuits prominently displayed next to the condiment station, which was kept clean and stocked. There were no paper copies of the menu but oddly enough there were menus of the Ocean Diner. There were also a few tables available outside the coffeehouse complete with umbrellas.

The menu offers breakfast with major emphasis on varieties of breakfast burritos, lunch sandwiches, and many baked goods and desserts which are made from scratch at another Hermosa eatery, the Ocean Diner. Rare bottled sodas are available as well. The coffee menu consists of freshly brewed coffee, lattes, and teas.

The staff chatted among themselves for a bit while customers waited in line. Upon noticing them, they proceeded to take the orders. They instructed the patrons to have a seat while the order was being prepared. They would call the patrons’ orders out for them to pick up. The orders would not be brought to the tables.

The mocha latte ($3.00) was ready shortly after ordering. The turkey pesto sandwich ($6.00) was ready a few minutes later. The latte was warm and the espresso overpowered the chocolate taste. The milk was not rich, as accustomed to, but rather light. The sandwich was accompanied by a bag of chips and an apple. The sandwich bread was nothing worth noting. The pesto sauce was barely noticeable and the turkey meat was rather dry. Clearly the meal in itself was just average.

The staff continued to chat loudly as patrons were dining and new patrons entered the establishment. This could become distracting, especially for patrons studying, working, or doing homework.

Java Man is a good place to stop by for a caffeine boost during a stroll on Pier Avenue. It’s also great for sitting outside and people watching with a few friends, or with your dog. However it is not recommended for those who prefer a quiet atmosphere in order to get work done. The desserts and baked goods are worth checking out as they are made from scratch.

As with a majority of eateries in Hermosa Beach, Java Man does not have a parking lot so bring extra coins and allow extra time after 5pm. Many free one hour parking spaces are available during the day and early afternoons. Java Man is located at 157 Pier Ave Hermosa Beach,CA.

About the Author
Bianca is a Florida State University graduate with a strong passion for writing and a love of food. She hopes to be a successful food critic one day.

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