Christian Punks Gwen Stacy Churn Out Musical Masterpieces

The band Gwen Stacy, (named after a Spider-Man comic book character), is a hardcore Christian punk band with a solid foundation. Forming in 2004, the band churns out musical masterpieces year after year. For instance, …I Believe in Humility, was released in 2005, then one year later a collection of demos were unleashed. As if that wasn’t enough, they released The Life I Know, (2008) and then, A Dialogue, which is their newest release.

Since the beginning though, the band has made a name for themselves and continue to make their mark within the music industry. So, what makes this band so unique? Probably the 11-tracks exhibited in their latest album titled, A Dialogue.

The collection of tunes captures Gwen Stacy’s maturity and showcases how much the band has developed since 2004. This is exemplified in “Creation and How I see it,” along with “Devil Devil,” “A Middle Ground,” “The Sound Of Letting Go.” These selections showcase the band’s musical skills.

The music sets itself up by allowing the guitar’s rhythm to combine with the drums. The rest of the instruments i.e. bass and vocals come thundering in with such charging force that it clashes altogether making the listener jump as the sound progresses.

Gwen Stacy’s lyrical formula isn’t that bad either. Listeners get to feel the exact emotions exuded by the band – both vocally and through instrumentals. Without a doubt, Gwen Stacy has indeed made their mark and is a break out addition to the world we call music.

Disarray Magazine interviewed bassist Brent Schindler: Gwen Stacy’s Bassist Brent Schindler Talks About the Music Scene

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Natalie Perez has been a Music/Entertainment Journalist for 7 years now having first started out with her middle and high school newspapers. She now writes for a handful of various online and print publications.

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