Interview with 60 Watt Kid

Before taking the stage at the Downtown Los Angeles venue The Smell, the 60 Watt Kid sat down with Disarray Magazine writer Eric Mora. Discussing everything from musical influences to crazy road stories, read on to find out more about the band.

Disarray Mag: So we’re here with 60 Watt Kid, so where are you guys based from?

60 Watt Kid: We’re from Long Beach but starting building a big following in San Francisco.

Disarray Mag: What are your guy’s influences for your music or what have you been listening to?

Derek: I’m into Mice Parade, Crowd Rock, and Arial Pink just to name a few.

Kevin: Well I’m into Nation of Ulysses, Fugazi, and Tangerine Dream.

Dylan: I’m really into John Bonham, Dearhoof, and Grizzly Bear.

Disarray Mag: So what is your latest album called?

60 Watt Kid: It’s called We Come from the Brightside and we are going to have a release show for it Nov. 10 at the Echo.

Disarray Mag: How did you guys go about recording it?

60 Watt Kid: Well we recorded half in Oakland to get a raw sound and then half at Infrasonic for a high fidelity sound and had the two mixed together.

Disarray Mag: If you had a catch phrase what would it be?

60 Watt Kid: uhmm…intergalactic cannibalism and we’re whack hahaha…

Disarray Mag: Do you guys have any cool road stories?

60 watt kid: Well last week we had just finished rehearsing and were loading our gear when there was this huge gang shootout in the front it was like more than 20 gunshots it was really insane!

Disarray Mag: Do you have anything to say to your fans?

60 Watt Kid: Yeah man, come to our shows.

For the concert review, check out: 60 Watt Kid, Afternoon Brother, and Mason Lindahl Rock The Smell

About the Author
Eric Mora is a Los Angeles based Film Composer/guitarist and specializes in music. He hopes to one day become a powerhouse of film scoring. Always up for something new he is always looking to see what new sounds are out there. To contact Eric you can email him at

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