60 Watt Kid, Afternoon Brother, and Mason Lindahl Rock The Smell

On Oct.22, 2009 The Smell in Downtown Los Angeles was where you could’ve caught an intimate show with headliner 60 Watt Kid, and openers Afternoon Brother, and Mason Lindahl.

Mason Lindahl opened the set with some amazing guitar work. Musically eclectic and powerful, this type of music is hard to find on the radio. It was like listening to a wave of emotion consisting of very high peaks and burst of energy followed by serene guitar work. It’s the type of music that challenges the listener to experience rather than just hear.

Following Mason’s set, he was joined by Afternoon Brother consisting of Jon Bafus, Erik Woodard, and Micheal Saalman.

They continued the night with more amazing music, beginning their set with droning guitars and drums that sounded like controlled chaos. You could hear the train coming, it was going to hit and when it did, the band was in full momentum and created a unique experience.

The band went from textures of music to this tight and concise sounding band within seconds. With many peaks and valleys written and performed in their music, it was nearly impossible for audience members not to like the show. It’s definitely something to be felt when the band’s music is pounding your chest.

Then, it was time for the headliners of the night, the much anticipated 60 Watt Kid. Kevin Litrow, Derek Thomas and Dylan Wood not only impressed the crowd, but managed to finesse amazing sounds from their guitars.

Echoes and audio loops were used to create this atmosphere/canvas that they began to paint on. Like seasoned performers leading the charge of their music, the band grabbed the attention of every person in the venue.

They began their set at a low yet intriguing energy and continued to build upon it. It was amazing how much of a dynamic range the band had. By the end of the night they were sonically as high as a performer could get. The crowd was feeling every note they played. Amazing notes combined with the singer’s echoes, thumping beats and dueling guitars, recorded statements that played through the speakers. These guys were without a doubt at a musical high that most bands never reach.

It was amazing to see how much talent there was in the underground music scene. Not having to conform to popular standards set these bands artistically free and it showed during their performance. Overall the night was great.

Disarray Magazine caught up with the bands before they took the stage:
For more info on these bands, check them out at:

About the Author
Eric Mora is a Los Angeles based Film Composer/guitarist and specializes in music. He hopes to one day become a powerhouse of film scoring. Always up for something new he is always looking to see what new sounds are out there. To contact Eric you can email him at aromratiug@gmail.com

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