Get Artistic at Little Tokyo’s Tuesday Night Cafe

In the Heart of Downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo there is a gathering of the artistic community that is growing and starting to look like the place to be if you’re someone who is looking to get their creative mind and juices flowing.

Tuesday Night Café in Aratani Square is looking to be what the artistic community has needed in the downtown scene. It is a place where one can go to perform in front of people for free without the need to pre-sale tickets and just do it for the art.

First timers are greeted by this Town Hall looking type building with a courtyard in the front where all the action goes down. There is also a Café conveniently located right next door where you can grab a drink before heading in to the watch the performances of the night.

Walking in you’ll see all these amazing paintings and painters that are skillfully doing their craft. Once past the painters you’ll see the Dj table, drums, amps, and mics for the performers.

The Tuesday Night Cafe starts with your host of the night and your journey begins with some witty comments then you’re on way to having a great time. The performances usually begin with resident artists like the likes of Shin Kawasaki a staple of the downtown music scene, who was playing some groovy funk music with a horn section; it was easy getting the night going after this amazing performance.

Following the music, there was the open mic section of night, where all were welcome to go up and show their creative chops. From comedy to some poems that were pushing social commentary pretty far it runs the gambit from funny to serious but all that was presented was inspiring and very entertaining.

The organizers of this Café series are also involved in contributing to causes and this night they were conducting a silent auction for charities. Some of the items being auctioned included art and private musical performances from the resident artists.

Following the announcement of the silent auction this rapping duo took that stage and had at it with their political rhymes and beats.

By the end of the night the place was packed and everyone was huddled against each other checking out the eclectic performances that were happening.

“TN KAT’s purpose is to build space for people to connect through the artistic expression of the API and L.A. communities and to provide time for cultural, social, and political awareness with opportunities for involvement, collaboration, real relationship-building and action.” TNKat website.

This is definitely one of the more unique and one of kind events that is being offered in the downtown area. It’s free entertainment and you get to meet new people that are artists in their own right or people that are there to have a good time. Either way if art, music, or film is your calling then this is definitely the place you should be checking out if you’re in the downtown area.

For more info on the Tuesday night café you can check out their website

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