10 Essential Must Haves for Girls

The struggle for physical beauty is something that begins in the dreams of young girls and carries on throughout life. Beauty is a consideration for love, friendship and occupation. Making oneself feel appealing is bringing out the beauty within us.

There are 10 items every girl should not be without, whether carried in her handbag or applied and used each morning, to add shine, powder the skin, and add the elegance of fragrance.

Beauty musts:

1. A good cleansing soap.

It is important to start each morning with a fresh start. Waken the skin with a good cleansing soap or scrub that will allow your pores to gently open as you wash with lukewarm water, cleansing the dirt and closing the pores with rinsing with cold water, starting a fresh day with a fresh face.

2. A good lip gloss.

Lip gloss is extremely important and should be carried in the handbag and applied throughout the day. It is the seductive luster of the shine that alerts the opposite sex and makes the soul come alive. (It is also a great conditioner to keep the lips healthy.)

3. Moisturizer

Softness is as softness feels, and keeping ones skin smooth and gentle with a moisturizer just might mean the difference when the unexpected encounter occurs and your arm gently brushes against his.

4. Black eyeliner and mascara

This may be the most seductive tool of all accentuating the eyes and showing the graceful beauty of what lies within.

5. Breath mints

A girl cannot be left unguarded and breath mints are a must to have at all times. Whether, to disguise the salami sandwich eaten at lunch time or to refresh the mouth to spark the smile and confident conversation with fellow co workers and friends

6. Hair Brush

This by all means is one of the most important items for your bag. Brushing your hair throughout the day stimulates the scalp, presents a beautiful aura, and makes one feel appealing.

7. Blush

Blush is necessary to accentuate the check bones and add the elegance of color and balance to ones face.

8. Foundation

Even the most beautiful skin needs a good foundation to protect it from the harsh environment of today’s society. Not to mention to entice the gentle attraction that often times brings on the caring caress as your face is shimmered with perfection and contour.

9. Fragrance

Fragrance is a must to apply each morning and to apply throughout the day. Whether the appealing soft smell of floral or the crisp pleasant smell of fresh, fragrance will encourage one to come closer and will leave the encounter with a pleasant memory.

10. Mirror

Every girl must carry a compact. Whether to freshen up her makeup throughout the day or just to reassure her beauty. A mirror reflects the soul and keeping yourself in tune with you is a sign of a true friend.

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