L.A. Lobster Festival Offers Family Fun

The Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival in San Pedro offered hungry festival goers music, carnival rides, funnel cakes, beer and most importantly – lobster platters. Setting a new Guinness World Record for The Most Seafood Prepared at an Outdoor Event, the Lobster Fest surpassed its old record of 3,835 lbs with its new record of 12,527.4 lbs of seafood prepared on Saturday.

Despite the summer heat, hundreds of lobster lovers stood in line for hours waiting to purchase their lobster meals consisting of coleslaw, watermelon, seasoned potatoes and bread. No matter where you looked, long lines were formed and to my surprise, the crowd patiently waited while enjoying live music. Whether it was to purchase meal tickets, beer, funnel cakes, kettle corn or even to buy lemonade, attendees were not fazed by the long lines.

If you plan on attending the Lobster Fest next year, I strongly suggest you purchase VIP/First Class tickets for $39.00, which provide you with VIP access to lobster meals and beverages without having to wait in line for hours on end. Within 30 minutes or less, you get to bypass the long lines, grab your lobster plate, have it chopped for you and then enjoy it right away.

While eating the delicious lobster meal, the Love Grenades took the stage. At first, the singer sounded nervous and her vocals exemplified it. However, after a few minutes, the band performed electro-rock songs that sounded similar to bands like Ladytron and Electrocute. Fans eating on the grassy area showed interest, while drunk onlookers boo-ed the band. Regardless, front-woman Elizabeth Wight danced around onstage creating a fun atmosphere, but it seemed like people were more focused on cracking lobster tails open to devour the deliciousness.

After finishing our meals, we decided to check out what else the festival had to offer. During our stroll, we noticed a long wall of festival foods which included the typical festival fair: funnel cake, kettle corn, yard-long smoothies, fried calamari, waffle cones and various seafood dishes. What stood out the most at this event was the scuba diving lessons that took place in a large pool. Another notable attraction at the fair was the one man band that played the piano, guitar, harmonica and drums simultaneously.

Here’s a snapshot of the devoured lobster platter.

Near the entrance, children enjoyed gigantic slides, ferris wheel rides, and carnival games for a chance to win oversized stuffed animals. Next to the rides were booths that offered everything from a chance to win a Napa Valley wine vacation to a place to purchase rollerblade-running shoes called Kangoo Jump Boots.

All in all, the event was fun-filled and the lobster meal was delicious enough for fans to stand in line for more than 1 hour. If you want to bypass the lines, purchase VIP First Class tickets!

If you don’t know how to eat lobster, here’s a video guide courtesy of VideoJug:

Dining Etiquette:
How To Eat Lobster

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