Interview with Boys Like Girls Guitarist Paul DiGiovanni

It’s been three long years since we last heard of Boys Like Girls and the wait is finally over, because the arrival of their sophomore album “Love Drunk” has arrived and the guys have come a long way since their self-titled debut in 2006, not to mention the massively positive reaction they’ve received to their hit single of the same name. So, if you haven’t gotten your hangover from the mighty anthems of Boys Like Girl’s second achievement, then it’s time you’ve begun. Check out the interview conducted with their lead guitarist Paul DiGiovanni.
1. You just released your new album “Love Drunk,” along with performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live the day of its release, how does all of that make you feel?
Paul: It’s awesome, it’s something we’ve been waiting for a while now – it’s been over three years since the last one came out. We’ve been touring forever playing these songs from our first record so now we feel so ready and pumped and excited about this release.
2. Before this album hit stores, you guys played a handful of shows this past summer, one being at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. How was that show?
Paul: It was awesome, we had just finished recording the record so we had decided to hope back out on the road, doing a more smaller imitate tour, that involved smaller clubs having all the shows being sold-out and packed was a great experience to interact with our fans in a smaller setting.
3. What can be said that hasn’t been said about “Love Drunk,”?
Paul: I don’t think so…. We just want everybody to hear the record – a lot of people have been obsessing over the single. The record was written and recorded in a front to back format, the progression to every song being very important to us, just being able to listen and enjoy the whole thing.
4. When it comes to a Boys Like Girls show, is there any mosh pit action?
Paul: Yeah every night actually, sometimes out in other countries the kids will just do it automatically or sometimes out in the U.K. where we’ll be playing smaller shows the kids would get pretty crazy. Sometimes in Japan, but normally when the energy gets pretty crazy, we’d stop the show and just call everybody out and do a little mosh pitting action and just go crazy.
5. Ever get tired/annoyed by hearing the same questions asked by Journalists?
Paul: *Laughs* There is definitely a few that we get asked all the time but I think that’s changing since the second record has been out. But I think we’ve moved on from those introducing the band type questions. We all love doing press and getting our word out there it’s for the love of the game.
6. Did you find any crop circles – noticed your Twitter message.
Paul: *Laughs* No, we didn’t. We had just landed so we’ve been to just BIG cities like New York, Chicago, and we landed in Wichita, where a bunch of farm lands and stuff and I was watching that sci-fi show Fringe, so I was feeling a little nerdy but unfortunately we had not found any this time.
7. What are the upcoming plans for Boys Like Girls?
Paul: We are going to Asia in about a week, for 2 weeks and then a bunch of countries we have done and then a bunch we haven’t done, and then off to some foreign countries – we love doing that. Then do a fall tour, with Cobra Starship, The Maine, The Rock to the Moon, and Versaemerge so that’s going to be going on all fall. We’ve toured with most of those bands before, so it’s going to be a cool little reunion a lot of fun for the kids. The record is out now and hopes for the best, hope everyone comes out and hangs out.
8. What’s your reaction when/if a fan told you a very meaningful statement such as “Your music changed my life?” Has this ever happened to you?
Paul: Yeah we’ve heard, we were a band that blasted off with most interacts with fans, since the beginning we got our start from the internet. So we try to do as many meet and greet just anything that involves kids as much as possible. Anytime we can talk and let the kids tell us how our music has done anything to them. Kids have told us that our music has helped them through relationships which are cool and some serious ones where they’ve been in the hospital and it’s helped them pull through. It’s an awesome feeling, it’s always an incredible, that something we love to do can help them through the hard times is awesome.
9. You’re about to go out on tour, looking forward to any particular city/venue?
Paul: I mean there are so many places we love going, we love hometown shows in Boston, New York, Chicago, L.A. that’s the great thing about touring, you wake up in a brand new place, with a clean slate, getting to do whatever you want, meeting new people, we were off the road when we rerecorded our new record, and our lives are based around traveling – we just want to get out there.
10. Any last words?
Paul: If you haven’t heard the record yet check it out all the songs are on iTunes – we took a lot of time and we’re really excited about it and want everyone to check it out and just enjoy it.
For an audio version of the interview, listen below:

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