Sunset Strip Music Festival Recap

The Sunset Strip Music Festival hosted over 40 bands and featured 2 main stages as well as live performances at the Whiskey A Go Go, Cat Club, the Roxy Theater, and the Key Club. With so many bands playing simultaneously, we tried to cover as many bands as we could including the Kottonmouth Kings, Korn, Iglu & Hartly, Schwayze, Ozzy Osbourne and others. The Sunset Strip Music Festival combined great bands, interesting booths and a frenzy of music lovers.

Situated beside the Hustler store was the east stage where the Kottonmouth Kings put on an amazing performance and created a party atmosphere. Group members splashed water on the audience, asked the crowd, “Where’s the weed at?” and displayed huge blunts on stage. Kottonmouth Kings’ set was filled with high energy music ranging from fast punk to hip-hop beats. It was refreshing to see this group perform just as great as when they played at the Key Club six years ago. The crowd got rowdy and created huge mosh pits and participated when the Kottonmouth Kings asked for crowd participation. Shocking the audience, Pakelika came out holding a sign that said, “Why aren’t our troops home yet?” and “I love pot and pussy!” The signs were then folded into paper airplanes, which were catapulted into the sky. As for songs, the group played, “Full Throttle,” “The Lottery,” “Outcast,” to name a few. The audience raised their hands and moved their arms to the punk rock hip-hop beats. The group never ceases to entertain their fans.

Over on the west stage was Korn, who attracted a wide variety of hardcore fans, some old, some young and some sporting Korn tattoos. Standing atop buildings and parking lots, the audience was massive. As soon as sound check was underway, fans shouted in unison, “We want Korn, we want Korn!” Audience members were excited and talked about how awesome the performance was going to be. The anticipation was growing and over to my left, a middle aged Korn fan talked to a woman who claimed to be Jonathan Davis’ neighbor. The fan begged for Davis’ neighbor to invite her over to her home. The Korn fan continued to explain how her son has been working on collecting each Korn member’s autograph and how it meant so much to her son. Alas, before the band took the stage, Davis’ neighbor exchanged phone numbers with the ecstatic fan. Lesson learned, Korn fans are hardcore, dedicated and devoted.

As soon as the band hit the stage fans everywhere screamed. Korn performed several hit songs including, “Did My Time,” where Davis shrieked and howled causing fans to bob their heads simultaneously. When the band performed, “Falling Away From Me,” fans sang along with hands in the air as girls and guys crowd surfed to the front of the stage. Security had to stay alert as fans were being pulled over the barricade to prevent being squished during the chaotic, yet entertaining set. As the band played “Helmet In the Bush,” Korn bass player Fieldy, played signature notes and fans ate it up. As soon as the band performed “Here to Stay,” and “Freak on a Leash” fans held up cell phones to share the concert with friends and relatives. Girls everywhere screamed and long haired rockers watched in amusement.
Back at the east stage, Shwayze performed to a group of fans wearing bright T-shirts and clothing reminiscent of the 80s. Spotted in the audience was Dirt Nasty rapper and former MTV VJ Simon Rex. Onstage, Malibu natives Shwayze and Cisco Adler played catchy, danceable songs which sounded a bit similar to LMFAO. Repetitive lyrics, melodic tunes and hip-hop rhythms were incorporated into songs “Perfect for Me” and “Get U Home.” A sea of people jumped up and down simultaneously when Shwayze sang, “Why you hating, we’re living it up.” As soon as the duo performed, “Polaroid,” mixing both rap section with melodic beats, the crowd mellowed out. Overall, the group was entertaining to watch and their music was upbeat and guaranteed to get your foot tappin’. By the way, their new album is set to be come out on November 3rd.
A walk to the Viper Room revealed an acoustic performance by Iglu & Hartly, where they performed “In This City,” an upbeat song that is sure to put anyone in a good mood. Footage of the performance will be up soon.

All photos taken by Steven Buena for Disarray Magazine.

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