Get Generous Portions at Palms Thai Restaurant

Situated only a few blocks east of Vine Station, near the corner of Hollywood & Bronson, is Palms Thai Restaurant. The eatery offers guests generous proportions, great service, very affordable prices and a relaxing atmosphere. A stroll by at nearly any hour will give an idea of the rising popularity of Thai cuisine that is sweeping across the globe.

In any restaurant, the dining room layout is an important aspect of both guest interaction and worker mobility. At Palms Thai Restaurant, guests are aligned in long rows of tables that stretch from wall to wall. The arrangement provides ample seating for families and large parties and also allows servers to easily whisk around the dining area. Dim lighting sets an easily relaxing atmosphere that helps you prepare for the menu, which boasts one of the largest selections around. With six pages of very affordable dishes to choose from (over one hundred items), you are sure to find something to whet the appetite without burning a hole in your wallet. And if you are not familiar with Thai cuisine, the servers are very courteous, attentive and ready to provide information about the menu items.

The order-to-kitchen-to-table time is relatively quick. However, as certain items take longer than others to cook, you may receive two meals that were ordered at the same time – at two different times. This can cause a semi-awkward situation of either having to watch someone eat (as I had to do) or letting food cool until the other’s meal arrives. This unfortunate outcome is redeemed by the generously sizeable portions that almost certainly will make you say, “Wow!”

A veritable rarity in restaurants, Palms uses a wireless communication system that allows managers to easily advise servers and servers to contact one another regarding guests around the dining room and also orders in the kitchen area. This makes the whole flow of things extremely fluid.

In times of conservation, restaurants are encouraged not to give water unless requested by guests. Other than that the whole experience was very interesting and highly recommended for anyone looking to try something new.

The Pros: Relaxing atmosphere, generous proportions, great service and very affordable prices. The average menu item costs between $7 and $9. Not too bad if you are trying to save money but fill up with some good authentic eats. Valet parking is available for a very reasonable (by Hollywood standards) $2.50 during the weekdays. Karaoke—Need I say more?

The Cons: The chairs have very stiff, straight backs that can make you either slouch or sit like you have a board strapped to your spine. Also, you may find yourself debating on what to order. With so many items it could take you a meals worth of time to figure out what you want.
I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone in the Hollywood area. It is merely a five minute walk from Vine and you are sure to walk out feeling great and wishing that it was a new day so that you can come back and eat again.

DISCLAIMER: Thai cuisine is notorious for being extremely spicy. Unless you plan on having a bonfire in your mouth be very careful not to order something too hot. The server will ask you how spicy you want it so be ready to taste flames if that is your thing.

5900 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 462-5073

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