Look Red Carpet Ready

With a collection of celebrity-studded red carpet events taking place this season, A-listers walking the carpet come equipped with makeup artists, hair stylists and fitness trainers. Fortunately, now you can get the same glamorous looks by following a few tricks and tips of the trade.

Brighten Your Grill – To look red carpet and camera ready, a sparkling smile is a must. Drugstores everywhere sell whitening strips that cost about $45 for certain kits. The latest Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal contains molds that stick to your teeth so that you can eat and drink anytime, wherever you are.

Drink Plenty of Water – While moisturizing your skin is essential, the real secret to gorgeous skin is drinking eight glasses of water a day. Studies show that adequate water intake results in bright eyes, increased energy and a glowing, radiant complexion.

Get Bronzed Up – A healthy glow is important to the red carpet look and if you’re showing a bit of skin, make sure to brighten your look with tanning body lotions or mousses. Make sure to use a formula that doesn’t go on too thick and allows for gradual build up. This way, you can layer the products to get the shade that looks best on you. Some products offer age defying, skin firming effects, as well.
Balance Your Makeup – The worst thing you can do is overdo your makeup and look like a clown so, when it comes to beauty products, it’s important for females everywhere to practice moderation. If your lips are a bright red or a bold pink color, aim for a neutral eye shadow. If you’re going for the smoky eye look, then use a nude or sheer light pink stain.

Maintain Your Mane – Face it, you can have the best makeup, the cutest outfit and still look like a hot mess if your hair is frizzy and fried. Remember to deep condition your hair with hot oil treatments and special shampoos and conditions if you’ve color treated your hair in the last few weeks. To avoid frizzy hair, shampoo your hair the night before your event and sleep with your hair wrapped in a loose bun. When you wake up, you’ll have luscious waves. For a classy look, tie your wavy hair back into a low ponytail, make a deep side part and place the ponytail two inches off to one side. Top off the look with a shine serum and you’ll definitely turn heads with your new ‘do.

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