Crazy Town Reunites at Les Deux

What? Crazy Town is back in action? If you don’t remember this band, they had a hit song in the late 90’s titled, “Butterfly.” Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have seen the lead singer Seth “Shifty” Binzer on the reality show Celebrity Rehab, where he battled a dangerous addiction. Luckily, he kicked the habit and is working on a new Crazy Town album with band mate Bret Mazur aka “Epic.” What better way than to celebrate with a listening party at Hollywood nightclub Les Deux?

The red carpet event played host to reality TV stars Daisy DeLa Hoya and the like. Once inside, unfortunate technical difficulties took the stage when a guitar amp blew out. When the equipment was finally up and running, Crazy Town singer “Shifty” joined a group of talented kids from a band called Automatic Youth, where they performed cover songs including “Walk This Way,” by Aerosmith, “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by the Clash and “Fight For Your Right,” by Beastie Boys. Here’s some footage courtesy of maxbouvrie.

These rock stars in training were a bit timid in the beginning but let loose once they played an original song, which seemed to be their confidence booster. Clearly this band has a lot of potential so keep an eye out for them.

Next up was a hip hop electro group called Broshigeez, which stands for Brothers & Sisters High In God’s Eternal Eye. The trio performed a slew of songs which sounded similar to the Black Eyed Peas. One notable song was, “Tight Body Hottie,” which consisted of bass thumping, head banging beats topped with smooth raps from Roycel Cooks, Kimala and Thomas Van Musser. Here’s a clip of the song:

Finally, Crazy Town got onstage and opened their set with, “Butterfly.” The audience members went crazy, putting their hands in the air and jumping up and down. Surprisingly, the band sounded the same as they did back in the late 90s, if not better. In between songs, “Epic” announced that they were going to “do something big in one month.” They told the crowd that they were going to perform at a different venue and invited them to come out again. Then, the band gave attendees a taste of the their new album with a track titled, “Come Inside.” The rap rock song was catchy, energetic and fans sang in unison.

To everyone’s surprise, another group called Officially Hollywood, took the stage after Crazy Town. Joining them was “Rock of Love” contestant Daisy DeLa Hoya of the reality show “Daisy of Love.” She introduced the group. The rowdy members of the group, Davin Dellosa and Imani Walker asked the audience, “If your pussy is clean, let me hear you scream.” Shocking. Then, the duo performed a song titled, “My World.” On one of the songs, Daisy started singing as well.

Overall, the night was entertaining and the music groups did good despite the weak sound system. Here are some shots from the event:

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