Donna Karan Unveils an iPhone App

Seems like everyone is coming out with a new iPhone application these days with the latest release from Donna Karan. Yes, the fashion icon is unveiling an iPhone app that will offer shoppers a way to create wish lists with the option to forward to a personal shopper. Users will also get to see a video called “System of Dressing,” where Karan discusses the how-tos of maximizing the flexibility of clothes.

“With me, it’s never just about the clothes. It’s about a lifestyle and commonality that I share with my consumer. This iPhone application is the modern evolution of the time I spend with my customers in the dressing room. Only now I can reach a world of women immediately, speaking woman to woman about clothes, objects of desire and personal passions. There is nothing faster, more mobile or more advanced in communication today.”- Donna Karan

Besides the wish list and video feature, fashionistas will be able to read fresh content from Karan’s regularly updated sections, including the “Love Love Love” section where Karan chooses two must-haves to spotlight, which can include a piece of clothing, accessory or even her favorite book.

Karan’s “People Who Inspire” section will highlight someone who has been an inspiration in Karan’s life.

Additionally, the “Ask Donna” section will provide a place for Karan to answer questions from clients and fans.

TheDK Talk,” section is a place for Karan to interview someone she knows or admires. Iman is said to be the latest interviewed and the DK Travel,” a section for Karan to post pictures and captions from her most recent travels. Africa recaps are said to be the most recent in this section.

Partnering with Atimi Software, the fashion app developed as a natural progression as Karan first helped women in dressing rooms dress more confidently and as her company expanded, Karan’s advice was distributed through mailing lists.

“The design method applied to the iPhone application was to truly allow Donna Karan to connect with her clients in as personal a way as possible,” said Scott Michaels, Atimi Vice President, developers of the iPhone application. “Every aspect was held up to the light to ensure it met the design objectives and had the level of polish and quality that is inherent in the Donna Karan brand.”

The Donna Karan fashion app is free and can be downloaded at the site.

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