Top YouTube Beauty Tutorials

With the growing popularity of DIY sites and how-to tutorials online, it’s no surprise that girls in need of makeup lessons are turning to for everything from how to apply makeup like Kim Kardashian to how to get J.Lo’s glowing skin. Hair and makeup are huge categories offering makeup tips and tricks from girls around the globe.
Youtube beauty tutorial starlets post their videos and give viewers step-by-step instructions while adding humor, personality and helpful tips for those looking for a DIY makeover. Fans have already subscribed to their favorite teachers and one has already made it big with her own makeup line.
With that said, Disarray Magazine has selected our top picks of beauty tutorials to watch and learn from.
1. Our first pick is Kandee Johnson the Make-Up Artist . She covers both makeup, hair and DIY fashion tutorials. She offers seminars/Glaminars and offers advice on how to become a makeup artist. With over 2 million channel views, Kandee has 88,194 subscribers. We love her conversational tone and she’s so fun to watch. Did we mention she’s a passionate Hollywood makeup artist?
Here’s some footage of Kandee’s Glaminar courtesy of Zingozero.
2. Our second favorite is Pursebuzz, for hair care, skin and cosmetic makeup tips. She offers her viewers discounts on products and hair tools. Pursebuzz also offers contests where you can win various products. With over 4 million channel views, Pursebuzz has 139,377 subscribers.
3. Our third favorite is Heather123. She covers makeup and hair. Why do we like her? We think she keeps it real and she’s hilarious. With nearly 700,000 channel views, Heather has 17,699 subscribers. Watch our favorite look from Heather:
4. Our fourth favorite is Michelle Phan. She covers everything from makeup, to hair and creative projects like making masks and more. Her videos contain soothing music and her voice is relaxing. With over 8 million channel views, Michella has 252,428 subscribers.
5. Our fifth favorite is EnkoreMakeup. Ladies, you can learn a LOT from this talented man! Koren has had nearly 2 million channel views and 65,960 subscribers. I suggest you follow him too.
6. Our sixth favorite worth mentioning is Panacea81 – Youtube’s makeup tutorial success story. Lauren Luke has made it big with her own beauty products.
7. Our seventh fav is by the fabulous ABoyWearingMakeup. He cracks us up and knows his stuff and offers a unisex approach to makeup. You can learn from him. He’s really entertaining to watch-guaranteed.
Here’s part 3 of this entertaining boy:
8. Our eighth favorite is Poynterr. We love her hair tutorials and her accent is cool. While she only has 14 how-to videos, we think she’s interesting and one to watch out for.
9. Our ninth favorite is by PrettyGirlsMakeFaces .We like her unconventional techniques and her daring looks. She uses bold colors and does a great job at blending eyeshadows. She only has 3,518 videos and it seems as if she’s on hiatus. What a shame. We love her tutorials. Here’s our favorite look:
10. Lastly, our list would not be complete without Fafinettex3. Her real name is Aubrey and she’s extremely bubbly and cute. It’s no wonder she has over 11 million channel views and 170+ subscribers. We love her techniques and her flawless skin!
Here’s one of our favorite looks:
We plan on creating another list next month so if you’d like to send in your favorite tutorials, please email
Hope you enjoyed our favorite beauty starlets!

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  1. HI~ All of these girls are amazing! Each one is special in her own way. Oh and Aboywearingmakeup is amazing. He's so adorbale!

    Beauty gurus have inspired me to create my own channel~ I only have one tutorial up but there are a million more to come! Check it out 🙂



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