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Lady Gaga snags three #1 songs from her debut album 7.14.09

With her risque music videos, crazy outfits and catchy electro-pop lyrics, Lady Gaga has made Top 40 radio history by snagging three #1 songs from her debut album, The Fame. In the history of the Billboard’s Top 40 chart, only two others hold this title including Ace of Base and Avril Lavigne.

So what makes Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), so fierce? I don’t know, probably the fact that her singles have reached #1 in 15 countries and her album sold over three million copies around the globe. Oh and let’s not forget that she’s not afraid to sing, “Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick/I wanna take a ride on your DISCO STICK.”

Surprisingly, Christina Aguilera has been accused of stealing Lady Gaga’s signature look. In response, Aguilera told the LA Times:

“You know, that’s funny that you mention that. This person [Lady Gaga] was just brought to my attention not too long ago. I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman. I just wasn’t sure. I really don’t spend any time on the Internet, so I guess I live a little under a rock in that respect.”

You might remember Lady Gaga’s first single which has been known as the dance floor theme song, “Just Dance.” The song beckoned drunk girls to run to the dance floor at any given club. (Girls, you know who you are).

If you want to catch Lady Gaga on tour, check her out this fall as she shares the stage with Kanye West.


Dr. Hollywood Performs @ Area in Los Angeles 6.26.09

Promoting their double album due this summer, Dr. Hollywood performed two songs to a packed house at club Area in Los Angeles Friday night. Sporting white hoodies and white shades, Louie Rubio and Lex Larson sang, “Smashing Bottles,” along with their their hit song of the moment titled, “We Run L.A.” You may or may not have heard this song on Power 106, which features rapper Ya Boy.

The diverse crowd consisted of girls and guys in clubbing attire, as well as those dressed in rave clothing (very circa 90s, I might add). Everyone danced and jumped around while the duo rapped and crooned. The crowded and sweaty venue was filled with 20 somethings grinding on the dance floor after the performance.

Nonetheless, the mini concert was entertaining but the crowd was a reminder as to why this venue is better during the week.


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