Gift Guide Spotlight: Fullgreen’s Caulirice


Fullgreen’s low-carb riced vegetables contain 85% fewer calories than white rice and are just as filling. These riced veggies come in a convenient steamable pouch making it a simple staple for your holiday meal.

img_6427-1-3768021727-1545595970258.jpgCauliflower rice has been a great complement to chicken, ground beef, roasted vegetables and I’ve enjoyed preparing it for lunch every morning since it only takes 2 1/2 minutes to prepare in the microwave. The only thing to be aware of is the strong smell once it’s been steamed in the microwave.

So far, I’ve used the Caulirice with broccoli in a burrito bowl filled with air fryer chicken, salsa, and shredded cheese. Needless to say, it was delicious.


On day 2 of my bring your lunch to work adventure, I prepared the Cauliflower rice (with tomatoes, garlic and herbs), and paired it with ground beef, queso and salsa verde. While it was delicious, the strong odor was a bit off-putting and my coworkers commented on it saying it reminded them of kimchi. Despite the smell, it was tasty.

Where To Buy

You can find Fullgreen’s Caulirice on Amazon ranging between $5-$10. You can also find it at Wegmans and HEB.

For more info., visit


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