Daylight Savings – Do We Gain or Lose an Hour of Sleep?

This Sunday, November 5th is when Daylight Savings time ends and you may be wondering whether you lose or gain an hour a sleep. Despite the time change every year, we still find ourselves asking whether we lose or gain sleep. In the fall, the time is “falling back” so, we gain an hour of sleep

Now, on Sunday, March 11, 2018 it’s another story and we’ll be “springing forward,” which means we lose an hour of sleep.  

About the Editor

Formerly an editor at Demand Media, writer at Citysearch, The Examiner and proofreader at The Los Angeles Daily News, Christy Scronce decided to start Disarray Magazine because she missed writing what she wanted. From hiring writers, to contacting publicists and making assignments, Christy is responsible for the editorial strategy of DisarrayMAG. 

When she’s not running Disarray, she’s consulting for Tigerlily Consultants, helping businesses with their content marketing and social media strategies. 

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