NPR Announces New Wine Membership Club

NPR announced a new wine membership club, NPR Wine Club (, in collaboration with licensed wineries and retailers, along with Direct Wines, and Wines That Rock. This unique wine club was created for public radio supporters and wine enthusiasts alike, allowing listeners to enjoy premium wines from around the world and their stories – combining two of life’s most enjoyable pleasures.
“The NPR Wine Club puts a fresh, fun spin on wine clubs – creating a totally unique experience of global wine exploration for NPR listeners, while simultaneously supporting public radio,” said Howard Jackowitz, Co-Founder of Wines That Rock, LLC. “NPR has a tradition of producing and distributing programs that meet the highest standards of public service in journalism and cultural expression. Now the NPR Wine Club will extend that tradition by bringing together a formidable team of wine experts to guide its members on a journey of discovery through the world of wine.” 
From France to New Zealand, and Chile to California’s Central Coast, each wine is hand selected by a team of globetrotting experts, who taste over 40,000 wines a year and choose less than two percent for the NPR Wine Club. NPR listeners can engage in the wine club in one of two ways, with a portion of proceeds directly supporting NPR:
  • As a member of the NPR Wine Club, the consumer will receive a fully customized case of wine, shipped to the address of their choice every three months. As part of the introductory offer, new members will receive the inaugural releases of three NPR-Inspired Wines: All Grapes Considered Malbec, Weekend Edition Cabernet Sauvignon and NPR Uncorked Merlot

    Each quarter thereafter, club members will receive a curated case of 12 premium wines from around the world, featuring detailed stories, background notes on each selection as well as 
    new NPR-inspired wines – taking consumers on an international journey of wine discovery. 
  • Alternatively, consumers can shop from a range of hundreds of different wines – and purchase in any quantity they wish (based on their taste and preferences) directly from the NPR Wine Club at
“For over 47 years, NPR has created countless driveway moments thanks to its compelling reporting and engaging programming,” says NPR Director of Consumer Products and E-Commerce, Barbara Sopato. “We’re looking forward to engaging our supporters and their palates as we discover new wines and the stories behind them.”
The club is fully customizable, with future selections tailored to each member’s personal taste and preferences, so members only ever pay for wines they love. 
For more information and to view a special offer for the first quarter shipment, visit

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When she’s not running Disarray, she’s consulting for Tigerlily Consultants, helping businesses with their content marketing and social media strategies. 

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