Destiny’s Fall DLC Update Leaked

It appears that a new update to Bungie’s scifi loot-and- shooter Destiny has been leaked. A screenshot of a Snapchat image popped up on Reddit late Thursday. The image appears to depict Lord Saladin, the in-game host of the monthly player-versus- player Iron Banner event. He bears an axe in his hands and is flanked by wolves– another Iron Banner theme– on a snow- covered landscape. The ruins of a large building loom behind him.

Over at Kotaku, unnamed sources have claimed that the leaked poster is promotional art for a DLC, Rise of Iron, that will be released in the fall. According to the same sources, the DLC will feature a new raid, this one centered around the Fallen race of enemies.

Naturally, the Destiny subreddit is awhirl with speculation. Popular theories center around the idea that the update’s gameplay will take place back on Earth. Players are also hoping it will reveal more about the mysterious Lord Saladin’s role in the game’s story. For now, all eyes ought to be on E3, where the new content will likely be officially announced.

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