Burn, Baby, Burn: Cigarbque hits San Francisco

Plenty of food and drinks were offered at the CigarBque event held on June 11th at Casa De La Vista on Treasure Island, in the San Francisco Bay. But, first lets talk Cigars. Diamond Crown Cigars. Diamond Crown is a premium cigar brand made by Tabacalera A. Fuente in the Dominican Republic, a Carribean nation famous for producing great baseball players and fine cigars. The Diamond Crown brand is just one piece in the empire of the Julius Caeser Newman Cigar Company, founded by a Hungarian immigrant to Cleveland in 1895. Four generations later, the company is still family owned and thriving but now based in Tampa Bay, Florida. The company survived the embargo in Cuba in part by importing tobacco from Cameroon. In 1995, the Diamond Crown brand was re-launched to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary. In a nod to the occasion, all the tables were decorated with cigar boxes. 
Of the alcoholic drinks available, one was eye catching: devised by mixologist Eric Greiner, the drink offered a mixture of Correlejo Reposado Tequilla, old fashioned with tobacco infused simple syrup and spiced chocolate bitters. The use of tobacco, old fashioned coupled with the fact that it was a cigar event contributed to the naming of the drink: George Burns, a reference to the legendary comedian who, if you use the Internet, was a little before your time.  
San Francisco’s classy Third Rail Bar offered coffee flavoured beef jerky, which was Disarray’s favourite offering at the event. But, there was plenty more than the delightful Red Eye Jerky (coffee, morita chile and cumin) on hand:
A Diamond Crown employee prepares to light a J.C Cigar.
The Road to Perdition was a great graphic novel and good movie with Tom Hanks as a hitman, but in the Bay Area, Perdition is a Steakhouse where Chef How Thurton offered a dish of cowboy beans with burnt ends. “It’s just a mass of beans and meat,” but seasoned with vinegar and hot sauce for a hearty and tasteful meal.

Memphis Minnie’s Bar•B•Que Joint and Smokehouse is the longest running barbeque restaurant in San Francisco. General Manager Tom Campbell and Pitmaster Lance Nicholson were on hand to offer cuts of their pastrami, which was cured for 10 days and smoked for 18 hours. You cannot ask for a finer cut of amazing pastrami as it’s only available under most circumstances on Wednesday. The beef brisket was “melt in your mouth” soft and like all their meats, it was smoked for up to 18 hours by “burning California white oak wood without the aid of gas or electric heat.”

Game 4 of the 2015 Finals was not to be missed and event organizers brought in televisions for the occasion.

Cigarbque has been going on since 2012 in cities across America. Their next event is planned for Denver, Colorado later this summer. Events in D.C and Philly will also take place this summer. Tickets are just over $100 dollars, which is reasonable for an all you, cat, eat, drink and smoke event. 

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Joseph Hammond is a freelance journalist who has been published in California, Estonia, Egypt, and Jordan. He enjoys learning languages and is pretty good at table football. He’s a big fan of boxing, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and FC Barçelona. He is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic.

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