Grey Tones

Dread loss for dredlocks and innocent eyes. He left us still “Def” but ill inside.

Seven Words like seven days in One Week, resonate through the halls where we grew up, like hide and seek.

Your chi traveled beyond the last row into headphones and stereos.just like being at the show.

Watching that hair fly, bass flung around like some Masta Ace, howling with a smile on your face.

We’ll miss you. We’ve missed you. Thank you.for everything.

No longer does a Chino back up a Mexican named Chino. That shit was legendary son!

The journey eventually ends, but friend upon friend will remember you ’til their end, while strangers all join in.

Farewell, with a sign of peace and two pounds to the chest.

.we lay you to rest like a figure on a White Pony riding off into the sunset.

Dedicated to Chi Ling Dai Cheng (July 15, 1970-April 13, 2013)

 About the Author

John Alvin makes art and writes on his free time. He currently works in Los Angeles, CA in the film industry. John is also the owner of Work Shrt and one-half of the musical duo JonDre. For more information, contact him at:

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