Cash-in on Your Closet or Someone Else’s

How much money do you spend on clothes you never end up wearing or items you wear once or twice and never seem to find the right occasion to don them again? Tradesy founder Tracy DiNunzio estimates it’s in the thousands—every year! And she aims to help you get some of that money back by making it easy to resell those items online without the hassle of dealing with shipping costs, the post office or the financial transaction itself.

“Tradesy,” says DiNunzio, “wants to be competitive with any ecommerce site in terms of shopping, shipping and returns. We want to be the Zappos of resale.” By “the Zappos or resale,” DiNunzio means customers should never stress about whether they’re getting what they ordered will arrive on time and in the condition described on the listing. Tradesy follows Zappos example of hassle free returns: if you aren’t satisfied with an item—it turns out not work for you or doesn’t meet your expectations—contact Tradesy and they’ll send you what you need to send it back to the company, not the original seller. You get site credit if you return the item because you don’t like it and your money back if the seller didn’t accurately describe the item.

I liked the Santa Monica based company’s concept so I decided to give it a try. I bought a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans for $22.50, a pair of Levis™ skinny jeans for $18 and a belted, black Calvin Kline dress for $24.

It turned out the Levis™ weren’t available. Tradesy sent me an email letting me know the seller wasn’t responding and promptly refunded the money to my Pay Pal account. At first I wasn’t thrilled with the 7 for All Mankind jeans, and sent an email to Tradesy’s customer service explaining that I hadn’t noticed from the picture that the pockets had jewel embellishments—though if I’d read the description more carefully I would’ve. A day or two later I got an email saying I could return the jeans if I wasn’t happy with the, but by then I’d decided to keep them.

I prefer online shopping to braving the crowds, but I want the online purchase process to be hassle free and secure. I’d say Tradesy lives up to my expectations.

If you want to sell your stuff that process couldn’t be easier—though before you photograph your items watch a video tutorial or 12 on the right way to showcase your items. Here’s how you do it with the Tradesy for SellersiPhone app:

1. Download the Tradesy app
2. Select the category of item you want to sell and any relevant sub-category
3. Fill in the blanks to describe your item
4. Supply the original price of the item and list your selling price (Tradesy will add 9% as a service fee, but this cost goes to the buyer)
5. Take several pictures of your item (again, make sure your featuring your item in the best possible light)
6. Submit your listing and wait for someone to find your item and add it to her closet
7. You receive a Tradesy shipping kit (preaddressed with the buyer’s info) and slip your item into it
8. Hand it off to your mail carrier
9. Accept your payment once the buyer receives the item

Here’s to cashing in on your closet’s untapped gold mine. And striking gold with the perfect, barely worn pumps at a fraction of the retail price!

About the Author

Before relocating to Southern California, Amy Kniss spent time covering city politics, crime and Bay Area news while occasionally impersonating Gavin Newsom on Twitter. Before that, she received a master’s degree in politics from the University of Virginia and earned a Bachelor of Arts in government and writing at the University of Redlands — where her controversial stories landed her in the Dean’s Office more than once.

Categories: beauty, Fashion, news

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